Originally formed in 1977, Audiology Associates, Inc. was the first audiology practice to dispense hearing aids in the Baltimore metropolitan area. We provide hearing care services for children and adults. Our clinical division has grown to include eight offices throughout Maryland in Baltimore, Baltimore County, Ann Arundel County, Howard County and Talbot County. By utilizing advanced technology, we are able to address a patient’s individual needs, leading to improved communication, particularly in the presence of background noise.

We also provide audiometric equipment servicing and hearing aid dispensing services to other audiology practices throughout the United States.

Advanced Diagnostics

We evaluate the status of the entire auditory system (from ear canal to brain), revealing the degree and type of hearing loss.


Our Doctors of Audiology specialize in diagnosing and treating hearing loss and balance problems.

Customer Service

We provide each patient the quality of care we would wish for ourselves and for our own families.


Our doctors and staff are committed to helping our patients on their journey to better hearing health.

The hearing aids have been wonderful.  Thanks to Audiology Associates, I have had the opportunity to hear sounds I have never heard in the sixteen years I’ve been wearing hearing aids.

The joy of being able to interact with everyday situations feeling comfortable and confident has broadened my sense of self.  Audiology Associates has been there for me since I was 6 years old, and to this day they have never let me down.  Thank you for everything.

With much thanks,

P.S. I hope that many other patients can have the same wonderful, positive experience I have.

Loredana S.

Recently my hearing loss was treated with two hearing aids.  I have been wearing hearing aids for about ten years, and the new digital aids seem to produce a better quality of amplification without distortion of loud sounds.  After having my new aids for about a month, I am very pleased with their performance.

Also, the Doctors in the Glen Burnie office have provided a quality service in the testing and fitting of my new aids.  They are professionals yet provide a comfortable environment for their customers.  I always feel almost “at home” during each visit.  They are friendly, understanding, and always helpful.  I have been very satisfied with their service and will return in the future for my hearing needs.  I will also wholeheartedly recommend them to my friends and associates.

John M.

You manage a wonderful practice – delivering, first and foremost, solid patient care enveloped with a patient oriented attitude.  Some practitioners think they’re patient oriented, but really are not; some attempt such an attitude, but sincerity doesn’t show; others practice and succeed because they do indeed have a patient’s welfare in mind.  In today’s over-commercialized consumer world, such attitudes beat all other methods.

Patient oriented attitudes with sincerity are still the best tool to satisfy all mutual parties.  You’ve done it!  Congratulations to you and your staff.  Thank you for your patient oriented check of appreciation.

Jerome H. S., D.D.S.

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