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Since 1980, we have offered instrumentation services to hearing health care professionals and hearing aid services to non-dispensing audiologists.


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Audiology Associates, Inc. is proud to represent the finest manufacturers in the hearing health care industry. The categories below list our comprehensive product offerings. Naturally, if you have questions concerning applications or would like to see a demonstration, it would be our honor to be of assistance. In addition, we maintain a very comprehensive disposable supply catalog for your convenience. One stop for all your disposable product needs for all manufacturers!

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Hearing Aid Services

Associated Dispensing Service (ADS), a division of Audiology Associates, Inc., has provided instrumentation services to hearing health care professionals and hearing aid services to the non-dispensing audiologists since 1980. Complete dispensing services are available, including: a variety of manufacturers hearing aids, 30 day trial periods, earmolds, extended warranties, batteries, assistive listening devices and all of your supply needs.

ADS offers the hearing health care professional an alternative source for their dispensing needs. ADS has proven to be an effective means for the non-dispensing audiologist to maintain direct clinical supervision of patients, and to eliminate referrals to outside sources for hearing aid fittings.

Our assurance and goal is to provide continuous service that is convenient, flexible, and most importantly, a reliable direct dispensing service for obtaining hearing aids and related products. As a client of ADS you will have direct access to our comprehensive hearing aid services and much more.

Equipment Servicing

The most important factor in long term satisfaction with any product is the ability to receive timely and competent repairs and calibration. As audiologists, we understand that your equipment is vital to your daily routine. Developing and enhancing our effective service department has been Audiology Associates, Inc. primary goal.

All of our Field Service Engineers have the highest degree of professional training and continuing education available in the industry. In addition, they all undergo extensive audiology training by an audiologist before they begin servicing your equipment. The test measurement instrumentation that our service professionals employ is continually updated and is traceable to the National Bureau of Standards.

Naturally, calibrations are in accordance with the American National Standards Institute requirements, however, we do not stop with these mandated procedures. Audiology Associates, Inc. provides additional audiologic information that is clinically useful. Ask for our brochure that describes the most recent 1996 ANSI standard for audiometers and how it changes our procedures from the previous calibration protocols.

Corrine Richards

Charlie Osborne

Hearing Equipment and Calibration Specialist

Charlie Osborne joined Audiology Associates in January 1999-initially handling calibration and repair work. Over the years, his position expanded to include sales and technical training for Audiology practices and users. He handles service and sales for many school districts, medical practices and individual audiology groups. He has worked for many customers for 18 years and built relationships with them. He covers businesses in 6 states and is a qualified sales representative for various national and international manufacturers. Charlie completed an Associate Degree in electronics at Philadelphia Wireless Technical institute in the 1970s and previously worked for 28 years for Dictaphone Corporation handling service and installation of personal and large system dictation equipment as well as satellite dish installation/repair. He was a branch service manager for Dictaphone for 10 years. Charlie presently stays abreast of ongoing equipment enhancements and updates through periodic training programs and trade shows. He enjoys interacting with new and long term customers. He lives just outside Philadelphia where he was born and raised. He enjoys travel, music and golf with his wife of almost 42 years.

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