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Audiology Associates carries the most advanced hearing aids from top manufacturers.

Choosing The Right Hearing Aids For Your Needs

As one of the largest and oldest private audiology practices in Maryland, Audiology Associates carries a wide selection of the most advanced hearing aids from top manufacturers. At Audiology Associates, we pride ourselves on maintaining relationships with our patients, not hearing aid manufacturers.  We are able to work with all hearing aid manufacturers to fit the most current technology and what is best for the patient.  Today’s advanced hearing aids have a variety of capabilities, features and styles. Contact us today to schedule and appointment to meet with an audiologist in order to find out the best hearing aids for your needs.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

Audiology Associates, Inc. utilizes a broad range of hearing aid manufacturers in order to best maximize a patient’s benefit from  amplification. The circuits that are discussed below are available in a variety of formats that will enhance the patient’s benefit depending upon individual needs. It is useful to review the different levels of technologies that are available to the audiologist.

Digital and Programmable Hearing Aids

The overall goal of the digital hearing aid is to regulate the growth in loudness of sounds exiting from the aid. Therefore, as sound increases going into the aid, there is not the same proportional increase of sound coming out of the aid. Thus, the aid curtails the loudness of the aid in a manner that never becomes too loud to the patient. The aid stays within a comfortable loudness range whether the person is in a quiet environment or in a noisy restaurant.

These circuits are available in what is termed a programmable hearing aid. As you may infer, the programmable device can be altered or reprogrammed by the audiologist in the office to maximize a patient’s benefit. Programmable technology represents the state-of-the art in signal processing and provides patients with unmatched performance in a variety of listening situations. This technology has been evolving since 1988 and at this time offers the patient the best opportunity to maximize their communicative abilities. One needs to experience the difference themselves in order to fully appreciate the benefit. Audiology Associates, Inc. offers their patients the opportunity to visit one of our offices for a free demonstration of digital programmable technology.

Audiology Associates also offers the following services
to patients who want to try a hearing aid:


Adjustment Period
With Amplification

All patients receive a two
month adjustment period
with amplification to ensure
satisfactory benefit.



Measures the performance
of the hearing aid while the
patient is wearing the device.


Follow-up Care

Patients are seen for a
minimum of three visits
in the initial three months
of being fit with a new device.

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