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We are located in the St. Agnes Medical Center (the older red brick building closest to Wilkens Ave.) on the grounds of St. Agnes Hospital. Dr. Sophia Roller provides complete audiologic diagnostic testing as well as hearing aid fittings and follow-up care. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Roller, and improve your quality of life through better hearing and balance!

Our practice provides the most comprehensive audiologic care that is performed anywhere in the United States.

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Sofia Roller, Au.D.
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Dr. Roller joined Audiology Associates in 2017. She is a Maryland native who grew up in Montgomery County, Maryland. Dr. Roller’s passion for hearing healthcare stems from her personal experience; she was born with genetic single-sided deafness and grew up with family members who are also hard-of-hearing. She received her undergraduate degree from James Madison University where she continued on to achieve her clinical doctorate in Audiology (Au.D.). Her dissertation involved the development and deployment of a portable hearing testing system which investigated the binaural processing abilities of children with aural atresia. She is currently a fellow member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and the Maryland Academy of Audiology. Dr. Roller is passionate about early intervention for congenital hearing loss, improving quality of life for all ages through advanced hearing technology, and advocation of hearing loss. When not at work, she is probably playing sports, trying a new restaurant or recipe, or dreaming about the beach!

Rosemary Nye
Patient Care Coordinator
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Rosemary has over 30 years experience in the role of administrator in the medical field with concentration on medical billing and coding. She has 18 years in the Audiology field offering administrative support to Audiology Associates. Rosemary graduated from Archbishop Keough High School and has continued her education with classes that concentrate on Accounting within the Medical setting. Her experience at Audiology Associates has given her a solid understanding of the scope of practice for Audiologist and the variables of hearing devices. She has acted as our Patient Advocate in getting hearing aid claims paid.

Services we offer at this location:

  • Evaluation of infants through older children and adults.
  • Comprehensive hearing evaluation that may include:
    • Test that measures recognition of speech in background noise.
    • Measurement of specialized function in the inner ear.
    • Test of eardrum movement, middle ear pressure, middle ear reflex.
  • Evaluation of tinnitus (e.g., ringing or noises in the ears).
  • Hearing aid evaluation – expert review of hearing aid options relative to communication needs and hearing loss.
  • Thorough orientation and counseling for beneficial hearing aid use.
  • Computerized measurement of individual hearing aid performance.
  • Hearing aid cleaning, maintenance and repairs.
  • Hearing aid batteries and chargers. Assistive listening devices.
  • Swim molds, hearing protection devices, impressions for musician monitors.
  • Evaluation of infants through older children and adults.
  • Vestibular Assessment: Evaluation of dizziness and/or imbalance. Recommendations for vestibular rehabilitation therapy and treatment.

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