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Listen to Audiology Associates discuss various consumer hearing and balance care concerns on local radio!

What Factors Affect Hearing Aid Success?

  Highlights from this section include: How programming guides hearing aid use Collaboration between audiologist and patient The value of proper measurement Ear size effect on programming

Can Tinnitus Be Treated?

  Highlights from this section include: Cause of tinnitus helps determine treatment Why hearing aids are the best treatment for tinnitus Dietary changes for treatment

What Are the Signs of Hearing Loss?

  Highlights from this section include: Thinking people mumble Hearing loss at different frequencies Missing consonants Struggling to hear background noise

How Do I Deal With Background Noise?

  Highlights from this section include: Three levels of hearing aid technology Noise isolation abilities of higher end hearing aids Microphone adjustment with an app

How Are Hearing Aids Programmed?

  Highlights from this section include: The real ear measurement Algorithms to learn hearing needs Taking the guesswork out of hearing aid programming Dangers of incorrect programming

How often should I have my hearing checked?

Highlights of this segment include: On average, hearing loss due to the aging process typically occurs in the fifth decade of life Any time you notice a change in hearing, you should have it diagnosed and documented Hearing loss can indicate other medical issues, such...

Why is it better to have two hearing aids instead of one?

Highlights of this segment include: It has been found that when you fit one ear with a hearing aid, the other loses the ability to process speech information because all the sound is being filtered through the one ear Two ears are essentially for understanding speech...

Why is it best to get a hearing aid sooner than later?

Highlights of this segment include: The earlier you get a hearing aid, the better you are able to process speech long term When you address hearing loss sooner, the brain continues to understand and process speech. If hearing loss is untreated, there is a link between...