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Though Audiology Associates, Inc. was the first audiology hearing aid provider in the state of Maryland, our services go far beyond hearing aids. We offer a comprehensive suite of audiology services, from balance assessment to ear wax removal.


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Hearing Evaluations for Adults, Children and Newborns

We utilize both tried-and-true evaluations and the latest hearing assessments to determine auditory function and hearing for patients of all ages. Some of the hearing tests we offer include:

  • Pure tone hearing tests—Pure tone assessment is the gold standard of audiometry (hearing testing). The audiologist plays a sound—often through headphones—and the patient responds when he or she hears the sound.
  • Otoacoustic emissions testing—This test measures the vibrations created by hair cells; these tiny cells in the inner ear convert sound waves to electrical impulses.
  • Auditory brainstem response (ABR) testing—This test, often used with babies and young children, measures the function of the inner ear and the auditory nerve.
  • …and more


Hearing Aid Services

Our practice has been providing hearing aid services since 1977. We carry a wide selection of hearing aids from the top manufacturers and have something for everyone. If you would like to avail yourself of the latest in hearing aid technology, or you need prompt, attentive service for hearing aid-related issues, contact Audiology Associates, Inc. today.

Our hearing aid services include:

  • Hearing Aid Evaluation and Candidacy—Is a hearing aid the right solution for your hearing loss?
  • Hearing Aid Fitting and Programming—We make sure your hearing aid fits perfectly and serves you exactly as you need it to. This is a key benefit of an audiology practice over a hearing aid dispenser.
  • Hearing Aid Repairs for All Manufacturers and Models


Hearing Rehabilitation

We provide custom hearing rehabilitation plans for children and adults experiencing hearing loss. Hearing rehabilitation is designed to help you adjust to life with hearing loss, learn or regain skills and even hear better.


Balance Assessment and Treatment

Did you know that the ears play an important role in regulating balance? It’s true; the inner ear—specifically, the vestibule—sends messages to your brain about the position and motion of your head. If these signals are interrupted or obstructed, balance issues may occur.

At Audiology Associates, Inc., we provide a range of balance assessments and treatments, including:

  • Videonystagmography and Electronystagmography—These are tests to check vestibular function, using either electrodes (electronystagmography) or goggles and video cameras (videonystagmography).
  • Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential—This test uses earphones and electrodes to track muscle response to sound.
  • Electrocochleography—This test measures the nervous system’s response to sound.
  • Epley Maneuver—We instruct patients in the Epley maneuver, an exercise designed to treat balance problems stemming from the inner ear. It is a series of head movements that can inoculate the patient against symptoms of vertigo.


Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment

Tinnitus is a ringing or buzzing sound that can only be heard by the person experiencing it. Audiology Associates, Inc. can diagnose the presence of tinnitus and provide treatment that may include medication, hearing aids or lifestyle modification.


Cerumen Removal

Cerumen is the medical term for earwax. Some amount of wax in the ear is normal and even necessary to protect the ear. However, earwax can build up and cause blockages that lead to temporary hearing impairment. If you have a cerumen blockage, an audiologist should remove it; trying to do it yourself risks permanent damage to structures of the middle ear.


Custom Hearing Protective Devices, Swim Molds and Ear Molds

We can fit and source a variety of protective hearing devices.


Industrial Hearing Services

Industrial hearing services can include help with selecting and fitting employees for hearing protection, administering hearing tests for workers and more.

If you are experiencing hearing loss, tinnitus or balance disorders, or if you want to purchase, program or repair hearing aids, request an appointment at one of our 11 convenient locations today.

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