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Give The Gift Of Better Hearing With Audiology Associates First Ever Holiday Hearing Aid Giveaway 

We’ve been assisting people across Maryland for 43 years, but we know that this year has been particularly tough for the hard of hearing.

That’s why our holiday giveaway, “Hear for the Holidays,” is especially important in 2020, with ten people receiving complimentary hearing aids and premium care.

While many assume hearing loss isn’t likely to affect them, statistics actually show that it’s the third most common physical condition in America.

Despite this, many don’t recognize that they have a hearing loss initially, as the preliminary symptoms can be quite hard to spot.

For example, if someone turns their TV’s volume up louder than normal or witnesses a ringing sound in their ears, they could have a hearing loss.

And even when a person does notice that they have a significant issue, sometimes they don’t feel ready to accept a diagnosis or worry about the possible financial requirements of treatments.

Importantly, wherever you are on your journey to better hearing, the Audiology Associates team is here to help you!

Hear for the Holidays – where ten deserving people will receive complimentary hearing aids and premium care – is an example of our commitment.

The competition works through a nomination process.

So if you have a friend, colleague, or loved one who has ever discussed a hearing challenge, now is the time to enter them by using the form on this page.

“Hear for the Holidays” will end on December 04, and a few days after, we’ll announce the winner.

They’ll then be invited to a comprehensive hearing assessment, where their ears will be examined, and they’ll be fitted with their brand new devices.

Subject to Terms and Conditions.

We believe everyone deserves the gift of better hearing.

This is why we are offering our “friends and family” discount to all new hearing aid purchases in the month of December!”

== Nominations Have Now Ended ==