In the audiological world, May is celebrated as Better Hearing Month, and we are excited to dedicate this month to raise awareness of how important it is to get your hearing checked regularly.

Just like how you go to the eye doctor or the dentist, your audiologist is just as important. Identifying a problem early on gives us the best chance to treat and reduce the damage caused.

With hearing loss being so prevalent in the US, we do everything we can to educate and assist the residents of Maryland and the surrounding communities about best ear care practices. As audiologists, our first mission is to assist and treat anyone who needs help with their hearing.

What is An Audiologist?

An audiologist is a professional hearing doctor. We have dedicated years of training to learn the inner workings of everything there is to know about how humans hear.

By focusing on one part of the human body, we can gain knowledge and expertise about all cases and are able to treat a wide range of issues.

There are a lot of ailments associated with hearing loss that require years of experience to identify.

Things like loss of balance or cognitive decline can be symptoms of someone losing their hearing. We can diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate you every step of the way.

Let's get your hearing in shape!

Hearing Options Available to You

We are aware that the internet is at your fingertips and you’re able to do some research and get some information regarding your own hearing problems.

We commend you on this, as it shows that you are aware of a problem and are actively trying to cure it. However, the internet is full of promises and not all of them are kept.

You may see sites offering hearing tests online. While these may follow guidelines set by audiologists, they are not conducted by audiologists.

When you get a hearing assessment from a qualified audiologist, our environment is specially created to ensure the effectiveness of the test. Our sound booths are completely controlled, and the administration of the test is carried out the same way every time so we can compare apples to apples.

An online test may change from year to year as people submit their reviews, and in order for that site to get more hits, they accommodate the masses.

Our Specialties Include…

Helping you achieve your hearing goals is the first thing we work toward, whatever that may be. We focus on your individual hearing issues and work to remedy them. We start with a comprehensive hearing assessment.

This will identify the root of your problem and we can diagnose from there. Some people are surprised to find out that their hearing loss stems from something as simple as wax buildup and once removed, their hearing is greatly improved.

We are also experts in dealing with advanced hearing technology. These small devices are nothing short of a modern marvel and to get the most out of it, we are constantly researching new products and updates so that we can serve you and our community to its fullest.

If you suspect your hearing is declining and have been unable to get the answers you are looking for, then please come visit us as soon as you can.

My team of audiologists is ready to get your hearing back in shape so you can get back to hearing all the wonderful things there are to listen to.

Contact us today.



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Dr. Melissa Segev & Dr. Briana Bruno Holtan

As the co-owners of Audiology Associates, Inc. Dr. Melissa Segev and Dr. Briana Bruno Holtan have over 35 years of combined experience caring for the hearing health of tens of thousands of people across Maryland. Trusted by local physicans and organizations, they are the experts that many turn to for audiological advice, guidance and support.