ReSound Hearing Aids

The primary focus of GN Group, ReSound, is on helping people rediscover their hearing for a richer, more active, and rewarding quality of life.

The company has been able to meet its objectives for hearing aid users in 80 countries around the world, positioning itself as a leading provider of solutions to individuals with hearing loss worldwide.

Research and development of ReSound, along with its GN Group partners, has been instrumental in producing many state-of-the-art intelligent audio products and hearables for the medical, professional, and consumer audio market sectors.

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Innovative Features And Performance Available From ReSound

The capacity for hearing devices to adjust sound output intensities using WDRC (Wide Dynamic Range Compression) was a major step in sound processing developed by ReSound.

DFS (Digital Feedback Suppression) technology made it possible to clean up distortion and eliminate howling issues in ReSound hearing aids.

The first open-standard digital chip to help improve programming flexibility was developed by ReSound, and its open-fit design hearing instruments help produce a more natural sound while reducing the discomfort of a plugged ear canal.

Connectivity, using 2.4 GHz linking technology, allows ReSound users the capacity to enjoy the seamless pairing of its hearing aids to iPhone and Android devices.

ReSound hearing aids

Remote Assist

Along with Remote Assist, the connectivity features available inside ReSound hearing aids allow hearing instrument specialists to receive programming adjustment requests from their patients and respond with solutions to enhance your hearing experience without the need for an office visit.

Hearing Care Focused On You, Not Your Hearing Aids

Advanced hearing technology solutions, like those available from ReSound, are incredible tools we use to help you achieve better hearing, but Audiology Associates’ primary focus continues to be on the personalized hearing care our doctors of audiology provide.

In addition to providing comprehensive hearing assessments that accurately identify your hearing challenges so we can help you choose the hearing instrument best suited to meet your needs, we also provide ongoing technical support, maintenance, and hearing aid repair of ReSound, Unitron, Starkey, and many other major hearing aid brands.

Let us meet your unique hearing care needs with the most advanced hearing aid technology and personalized care available in Maryland and the DC area.

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Sometimes your lifestyle, hobbies or occupation can expose you to damaging levels of noise on a regular basis. While we all wear sunscreen during the hot summers, often our ears get overlooked.

If you or a loved one is worried about your hearing, then the first step is to fill out our ‘Request a Callback’ form to discuss the options we have available.

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