7 Reasons to Choose Audiology Associates

#1 - Advanced Audiological Care

As you’ve reached this website, it’s clear to see that you value your health and quality of life. That’s why when it comes to caring for your hearing health, you don’t want to leave anything to chance or find a Band-Aid for the problem.

By choosing Audiology Associates, you can be rest assured knowing that you’re receiving the state’s highest level of advanced audiological care.

#2 - Doctors of Audiology

By partnering with 12 doctors of audiology, it’s safe to say that we’ve had experience dealing with every possible scenario. This means that regardless of where you are on your hearing journey, whether you’re concerned about a slight hearing loss or you have a profound hearing loss, our advanced team will be able to provide the best solution based on your circumstances.

#3 - 43 Years of Experience

With our doors first opening in 1977 – Audiology Associates has cared for the hearing health of thousands of local people throughout our 43 years of experience.

 By having been rooted in the communities for over 4 decades, you can be rest assured knowing that we’re not going anywhere and that you’ll be able to have a hearing care partner for life.

#4 - 12 Convenient Locations

With offices stretching across Maryland, you’re never far away from one of our convenient locations. With a warm welcoming atmosphere, a doctor of audiology on staff, and easy access parking and wheelchair ramps, you’re always welcome.


#5 - Our “Family Business” Roots

In 1977, Dr. Craig W. Johnson opened Audiology Associates as the first private practitioner in the state of Maryland. He was a key figure in raising hearing health awareness across the state and was one of the most highly respected audiologists in the US.

In 2013, Dr. Johnson unexpectedly passed away, resulting in his daughter, Melissa, and long-standing audiologist, Dr. Holtan, taking over the business.

The high-standard of hearing healthcare and passion for raising awareness that Dr. Craig W. Johnson dedicated his career to are in the roots of Audiology Associates.

#6 - You’ll Only See One Audiologist

When you build a relationship and trust one audiologist, it can be frustrating to see a different one on your visits and appointments. That’s why we do all we can to ensure that you only ever have a relationship with one audiologist.

#7 - Trusted by Local Physicians

Audiology Associates is regularly turned to by local physicians when they need advice or support on their patients’ hearing health, with many of them referring patients to us, as they believe we’re the leading provider.

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“More Like Visiting Friends”

The doctor and staff are incredibly professional and wonderful down to earth people. My mother loves coming for her hearing aid checks and its honestly more like visiting friends than the sterile clinical feeling you get when going to the doctors. Highly recommend!

Sae Y


How Our Founder Changed Hearing Care in Maryland and Beyond

In 1977, Dr. Craig W. Johnson opened Audiology Associates as the first private practitioner in the state of Maryland.

In a time when healthy hearing and the signs of hearing loss weren’t commonly known, Dr. Johnson dedicated his career to raising awareness for healthy hearing and became one of the initiators of the many pro-patient and pro-audiology legislative accomplishments that have occurred in Maryland during the past 12 years.

He was one of the founding fathers of the Maryland Academy of Audiology in 1992 and served as the president to 1997. During this time, his efforts resulted in Maryland improving workmen’s compensation, establishing infant hearing screenings, and the passing of a bill that allows patients freedom of choice in selection of their hearing aids.

Nationally, Dr. Johnson was also the elected president of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (A.A.A) and completed 10 years of service on the board of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology (A.D.A).

He is widely recognized for his incredible contributions to hearing healthcare.

But in 2013, after a battle with cancer, Dr. Johnson unfortunately passed away.

His daughter, Dr. Melissa Segev, and long-standing audiologist, Dr. Holtan, took ownership of Audiology Associates to continue Dr. Johnson’s incredible contribution to audiology and continue his mission of raising awareness for healthy hearing.

They have since opened four additional locations and have assembled a team of the state’s leading doctors of audiology to educate, support, and care for the hearing health of Maryland.

They are now continuing the Audiology Associates’ mission to ensure that nobody needlessly has to endure hearing loss and provide the highest level of audiological care in the state.

Audiology Associates Audiologists Melissa Segev and Briana Bruno Holtan

Meet the Team at Audiology Associates

Melissa Segev, Au.D. , F.A.A.A.

Audiologist - Annapolis Office

Briana Bruno Holtan, Au.D. , F.A.A.A.

Audiologist - Carney Office

Sofia Roller, Au.D. , F.A.A.A.

Audiologist – Wilkens Avenue and Fairhaven Offices

Aimee Kaplan, Au.D. , F.A.A.A.

Audiologist – Timonium Office

Jennifer Kincaid, Ph.D., CCC-A

Audiologist – Ellicott City Office

Corinne Richards, Au.D. , F.A.A.A.

Audiologist – Easton Office

Candace G. Robinson, Au.D.

Audiologist – Lutherville Office

Mikayla Abrams, Au.D.

Audiologist – Union Memorial Office

Deirdre Courtney, Au.D.

Audiologist - Glen Burnie Office

Meredith Frank, Au.D.

Audiologist - Carney Office

Kayla Volpe, Au.D.

Audiologist - Easton Office

Lori Cameron, Au.D.

Audiologist - Georgetown


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