Hear For The Holidays: Meet The Ten Lucky Winners

Hear For The Holidays: Meet The Ten Lucky Winners

by | Apr 25, 2022 | Hearing Aids, Hearing Loss, Hearing Test, News, Patient Resources

In November 2021, we announced that we were going to be giving away hearing aids to ten lucky people in the community.

Through our Hear for the Holidays giveaway, it was our way of giving back to those in Maryland and improving their quality of life for the better. We received over 180 nominations from people of all ages, backgrounds, and lifestyles, and it was truly heartwarming to read through them all.

That said, we are so pleased to be finally announcing our ten winners and sharing their stories with you all.

I’m happy to announce our Hear for the Holidays 2021 winners as Carol Johnson, David Senft, Louise Miloe, Savanna Poe, Amporo Timoran, Judith Hedges, Suzanne Blair, Marla Sewell, Herman Major, and Sherita Love.

Let’s hear their stories and why they deserved to win…

Timonium Winner, Carol Johnson:

Carol is the definition of caring.

While she struggles with various medical problems, she will always do her best to help others.

This is particularly prevalent in her job, where she works in healthcare and spends most of her time helping patients.

While she is losing both her sight and hearing, hearing aids are not accessible to her right now.

Hearing aids will no doubt make a huge difference to Carol’s life and we were so delighted to provide her with the tools to a better quality of life.


Lutherville Winner, David Senft:  

David has suffered with hearing problems all his life and is in desperate need of help.

Like many others, he isn’t able to access better hearing due to financial constraints.

David was invited into the clinic for a comprehensive fitting of his hearing aids and was lost for words when he found out he was the winner.

The beaming smile on his face made it all worthwhile and reminded us why we love our job so much. It’s because of people like David. 

We are so happy for you, David!


Annapolis Winner, Louise Mileo:

Nominated by a close friend, Louise has taken care of her mom and husband for many years.

Finances are extremely tight, and she now has her son living with her.

With her hearing continuing to deteriorate, she has trouble hearing and hesitates to be with people. Her friend, Patricia, worries she will become a shut in.

She is a kind and caring lady that will always help others.

If a neighbor is sick, Louise is always the first to bring soup. We were delighted to award Louise with a new pair of hearing aids as well as access to our ongoing audiological care.

Carney Winner, Savanna Poe:

Savanna is really appreciated in the community, as she received dozens of applications by those who truly care.

Each nominee described her as a kind and considerate person that does her best to help others.

Currently, she is working two jobs. While she is great at her job, communication is a barrier that prevents her from talking to customers clearly.

Her hearing aids are now outdated, so she was in desperate need for a new pair.

We feel privileged to be able to provide Savanna with a gift of a lifetime! 


EC Winner, Suzanne Blair: 

Suzanne is an aunt to many nieces and nephews and is always helping others wherever she can.

She is extremely passionate about baking and is well known in the community for making great cakes.

Everyone has something good to say about Suzanne Blair’s cakes! 

Hearing aids would enhance Suzanne’s life in many ways, and we feel so grateful to be in this position of giving.

Congratulations, Suzanne! We are delighted for you. Hearing aids will no doubt make a huge impact to her life. 

Glen Burnie Winner, Marla Sewell:

Unfortunately, Marla has vision and hearing impairments.

That said, she finds it difficult navigating through life, especially since her hearing aids are no longer working and she has no immediate family.

The side effects of untreated hearing loss are manifold, including the onset of early dementia and depression. 

Hearing aids would change Marla’s life for the better, and we are so glad to be able to provide Marla with a better quality of life. We wish her all the best with her new hearing aids!


Wilkens Winner, Herman Major:


Herman has been a patient of Audiology Associates for a long time and received his first hearing aids in 1992.

He has been wearing ReSound hearing aids since 2014, but unfortunately, they are no longer working for him and he is unable to afford a new pair.

His wife, Mikayla Abrahams, nominated Herman.

She described the impact hearing aids would have on his life.

After reading his nomination, we knew we had to step in and make a difference to Herman’s life. 

Union Winner, Sherita Love:

Sherita is loved by many in the community and was nominated by several different people.

As described by others, she works hard to help her family as well as those who are less fortunate. She is an extremely selfless person that always puts others above herself. 

Although she is in great need of hearing aids, she is unable to afford a new pair.

We feel privileged to be able to provide Sherita with a pair of hearing aids and improve her quality of life for the better. Congratulations, Sherita!


DC Winner, Amporo Timoran: 

Amporo had no idea that she had been nominated for the Hear for the Holidays giveaway.

Our audiologist was able to successfully translate the news to Amporo Timoran. 

When it came to the reveal, she was speechless and couldn’t believe she had won a free pair of hearing aids.

She had no idea that she had been nominated and was truly lost for words. 

Congratulations, Amporo! We are so happy for you. The future is looking great.

Amporo Timoran

Easton Winner, Judith Hedges:

Judith is 77 years old, and her quality of life is slipping away along with her hearing.

Although she would really benefit from hearing aids, Judy is unable to afford hearing aids, so she suffers each day unable to hear others.

We invited Judith into the clinic for a fitting of her brand-new hearing aids and she couldn’t believe that she had won.

Thank You  

It’s fair to say that we have changed many local people’s lives over the years.

That said, none of this would’ve been possible without the cooperation from our team and our amazing patients, so thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way.

You’ve been incredible.

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Dr. Melissa Segev Au.D, F.A.A.A.

Dr. Segev, co-owner of Audiology Associates, proudly represents the values of excellent patient care upon which her practice was established in 1977. She understands that to properly treat the patient, excellent state-of-the-art medical testing is required along with acute listening and understanding of the patient’s perceptions of how they are feeling and what their needs might be.

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