Interventions to Prevent Dementia: How Hearing Health Affects Cognitive Function

by | Feb 16, 2024 | Hearing Health

Untreated hearing loss puts individuals at a higher risk of cognitive decline, as well as several related negative effects, such as depression, social isolation, and dementia.

Hearing loss challenges have been known to be ignored for seven to ten years after an individual realizes they’re struggling with their hearing; untreated hearing loss will only worsen in time, not to mention negatively affect the rest of the body in the meanwhile.

The risk of dementia increases the longer you delay treating your hearing loss, but by taking care of your hearing health, you can simultaneously improve your cognitive health. Protective hearing care, like hearing aids and unique hearing healthcare, can substantially lessen your risk of dementia.

How Hearing Care Prevents Dementia

Recent studies have found that hearing aids protect not just the ears, but also your cognitive, auditory, and vestibular functions. Cognitive functions—motor skills, literacy, critical thinking, and other mind-related skills—are the ones most at risk with dementia.

Hearing aids and professional hearing care can make a world of difference to individuals at risk of dementia. With regular use of hearing aids, individuals have a 48 percent reduction in cognitive change—meaning less risk of cognitive disabilities, such as dementia or other memory issues.

Social isolation is a high-risk factor for dementia, which is directly linked to hearing loss: not being able to hear during social interactions often leads to isolation from social environments, which can lead to dementia. By regularly wearing hearing aids within social environments, that risk is mitigated.

As hearing care professionals, we think it’s great how many studies are now out there talking about how hearing loss can affect other parts of the body and brain. By bringing awareness to the importance of caring for your hearing, everyone will not only hear better, but also have a much better quality of life.

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