Love Local—Helping the Elderly Is Their Priority

Love Local—Helping the Elderly Is Their Priority

by | Jun 27, 2023 | Love Local, Patient Resources

We love this new series we are doing, where we highlight local businesses in our community. We must all pitch in and contribute to these businesses so we don’t lose the fantastic charm and identity we all love about living here.

While it’s hard to stay away from large organizations like Amazon and Walmart entirely, that doesn’t mean we should neglect small businesses.

Creating a community takes the effort of everyone who lives here. We are proud to keep our business small and focused on the needs of Maryland residents. However, we are not the only ones who operate like this.

Oftentimes, the real heroes of the world are walking among us. They care about you and their business personally and are not in it solely for the money.

Those are the type of businesses we want to shine a spotlight on so everyone knows. This month, we want to introduce you to Partners In Care, an amazing organization focused on the seniors in our community.

Who are “Partners In Care”?

Partners In Care is committed to providing older adults with the resources they need to live and thrive independently. Their services are designed to be easy to access and use.

The diverse staff, sponsors, donors, and volunteers of all ages create a supportive network that helps keep older adults in our community healthy, active, and independent.

They welcome older adults, friends, and families to explore the services they offer. Services are provided at no cost or for a small fee; they can involve a combination of volunteer work and donations.

Partners In Care is a nonprofit organization. They are always accepting sponsors, donors, and volunteers to join their ever-growing family of partners who are invested in the well-being of older adults in our community.

They’ve helped so many families and older adults throughout the years; they deserve to be mentioned. This is a way to thank them and raise their profile so other people can also get involved.

Why We Love Them

Nonprofit organizations are the definition of giving back to the community. It’s important to shop locally so we can keep these businesses running and remind them that they are the reason people are being taken care of with their generosity and donations.

Here are some of the services they offer free of charge:

  • Community group meets
  • Phone buddies
  • Social learnings
  • Veterans helping veterans
  • Ride partners for safe transportation
  • Impaired vision group

Who Are the Volunteers?

It takes a special person to sacrifice their time for others. Here is a prime example of the kind of people who are involved with Partners In Care. Jamarri Bright has been a driver who transports older adults for almost five years now. In that short time, she has already driven over 5000 miles for PIC!

She mainly transports patients to doctor appointments, grocery stores, and food banks. This service that Jamarri offers gives seniors a higher level of independence without putting them in danger while out alone.

Jamarri loves volunteering for the gratitude she receives from everyone as well as the chance to meet new people, and she has even made a few friends along the way. She says everyone is very grateful for her promptness and driving skills.

It’s people like Jamarri who make this organization so special!

Where to Get More Information

We encourage everyone to get involved, volunteer, or donate things you may not need, like household items, basic furniture, or even clothing.

Anything helps, even if it’s just spreading the word to friends and loved ones. Their website has all the information on how to get involved, and if you want to pay them a visit at one of their locations, here is their information:

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