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For many patients, hearing aids make a world of difference to their lives – from making communication with friends and family easier to tackling challenges such as noisy environments.

They’ve certainly come a long way since the early years.

“These ain’t your grandfather’s hearing aids – I love my hearing aids!” proclaims Bill, one of our amazing patients.

Lately, due to the pandemic, more people have been staying at home, thus searching for ways to make home life more enjoyable.

A TV streamer is one of the ways technology has come to the rescue and benefited hearing aid wearers even further.

What is a TV streamer?

If you enjoy family movie night but dread the usual TV volume arguments, the good news is that you need not worry anymore.  A TV streamer offers an easy solution.

It allows you to set the volume to your preference and sends the TV’s audio output directly to your hearing aids for a clear and comfortable listening experience, while the rest of the family enjoys the movie at a volume level that’s ideal for them.

All major manufacturers – from NuEar to ReSound – offer TV streamers.

To make family TV volume arguments a thing of the past, call us at (410) 944-3100, and we can fix you up with one of these devices.


Updates from The Office

Dr. Aimee Kaplan is leaving Audiology Associates and the profession after eleven wonderful years with us.

“I have had the absolute privilege of getting to know all of you and your families over the years, and it has meant so much to me,” she said about her work at Audiology Associates.

“Spending time with you, sharing your stories, and learning from all of you has truly been an honor, and I am eternally grateful.”

We wish her the absolute best in her future endeavors.

In technology news, if you wear Signia Xperience Hearing Aids with Bluetooth, then you are most likely familiar with the Signia Assistant app, which supports and guides you through your hearing aid wearing experience.

We thought you might like to know that the app has added a “Mask Mode” feature, which can help you to better understand someone who is wearing a face mask while speaking to you!

On that note, transparent mouth face masks are now for sale at all of our offices for $15.00 each. They are ideal for easier communication with family and friends when out and about.

In other developments, please help us give a warm welcome to our new PATIENT CARE COORDINATOR Suzanne Sachs at our Lutherville location.  She is a great asset to the AAI team.

Finally, we thought this would put a smile on your face: Dr. Courtney’s 3-year-old daughter had surgery last month to have her ear tubes and adenoids removed.

While this may not seem particularly exciting, toddler wisdom prevails, and she insisted—and still does—that she had her tubes and “address” removed.

In fact, she still tells people her favorite doctor took out her address last month … 2020, the year she wore a mask and lost her address!


How Hearing Treatment Can Prevent Dementia


According to twenty-eight leading experts, cases of dementia in America could be reduced by 40 percent if the general public addresses 12 key risk factors.

Protecting ears in high-stress environments and seeking treatment at the first signs of hearing loss rank high on their list of measures people should take.

Studies show that your hearing is crucial in how your brain processes information.

Therefore, researchers believe that hearing loss prevents your brain from functioning perfectly, reducing your overall cognitive capacity.

Social isolation, often a side effect of untreated hearing loss, may add to this problem.

If you know someone who has a concern, contact the team about a comprehensive hearing assessment – it’s the best way to diagnose any hearing challenges.


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