Hearing Aid Clean and Check

Even your hearing aids need some TLC.

With a Clean & Check appointment from our expert team at Audiology Associates, we’ll make sure your devices continue to provide clear and comfortable hearing for years to come.

Regular clean and check appointments at least twice a year ensure that your hearing aids continue to serve you to the best of their capabilities for longer – less worrying about broken parts, more time enjoying listening to the world around you.

Just like a car needs regular maintenance repairs, your hearing aids need looking after to keep working like a well-oiled machine.

Our Clean & Check services help you by thoroughly cleaning your devices of any earwax or debris that might have impacted performance, as well as giving them an overall check-up to make sure all the intricate parts of your hearing aids are working as they should.

Take care of your hearing aids and they’ll take care of you in return!

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Dr. Lindsay Dennison,  Au.D. of Audiology Associates

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Clean & Check appointments keep your hearing aids in top working order, so you never go a day without the best sound possible.

By getting your hearing aids cleaned of any earwax impaction or dust damage, and checked for overall damages or malfunctions, you’ll safeguard your investment in your devices with professional cleaning and care services provided by our team at Audiology Associates.

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