On August 19th, 2020 – Dr. Melissa Segev presented a live online training to share the latest developments in the world of better hearing.

With the world changing so drastically and more people coming to terms with the hearing challenges that they’re facing with many people now wearing face masks, this recorded session will share some of the common misconceptions around hearing loss, and explain the steps that you should take to achieve better hearing.

If you have any questions regarding this training or if you would like to schedule your comprehensive hearing assessment to take your first step, then please call (410) 944-3100


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Dr. Melissa Segev & Dr. Briana Bruno Holtan

As the co-owners of Audiology Associates, Inc. Dr. Melissa Segev and Dr. Briana Bruno Holtan have over 35 years of combined experience caring for the hearing health of tens of thousands of people across Maryland. Trusted by local physicans and organizations, they are the experts that many turn to for audiological advice, guidance and support.