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The land in the Potomac-Anacostia region was taken from the Piscataway Natives by the English Crown and given to George Calvert who believed it was his sacred duty to find refuge for his Roman Catholic brethren. Consequently, numerous schools, religious communities, shrines, institutes, and other organizations built and based around the Catholic University of America are primary features of Brookland.

Catholic institutions found in Brookland include the Franciscan Monastery of the Holy Land in America, Holy Name College, Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration Convent, Sisters of Life Convent, and the Archdiocese for the Military Services. We celebrate cultural diversity and the peaceful integration that allows our community to live stable, peaceful lives, celebrating the contributions of residents like architect Romulus C. Archer, playwright Jean Kerr and her playwright/critic husband Walter Kerr, writer Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings, and educator/author Justine Ward.

Ours is a community that enjoys peaceful days and quiet nights taking in the best that suburban DC has to offer. The hearing care experts at our Audiology Associates clinic in NW Washington DC, or any of the other 11 locations we operate throughout the state, have helped preserve the rewarding and independent lifestyle of Brookland families while earning the trust of organizations and doctors throughout the area.

Our carefully assembled team of 11 audiologists work to raise awareness of hearing health through education and community work, stressing the importance of annual hearing tests. If you are experiencing hearing loss or you believe that your parents or grandparents are suffering in silence, Maryland’s leading doctors of audiology can help you take the first step to better hearing with a hearing test.

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Your Better Hearing Journey Starts With A Comprehensive Hearing Assessment

One of the most difficult aspects of recognizing a hearing loss is the fact that it comes on at such a slow pace that it is next to impossible to notice the day-to-day changes. Consequently, most people put off hearing tests because they don’t believe they have a problem or it’s really not that important to them.

In reality, 1 out of 8 Americans experiences hearing loss, likely caused by the increased exposure to loud noise, without ever being aware that they’ve developed a problem. This rising trend means that hearing loss is the third most common health concern across the nation.

In spite of these alarming statistics, our health screening priorities tend to include regular dental and vision testing, as well as having our blood pressure and cholesterol checked, but we often ignore regular hearing assessments. Given that hearing loss is a growing health concern, it has never been more important to schedule a quick, non-invasive, and simple hearing assessment with one of our hearing professionals.

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Address hearing challenges with the right hearing aid at Audiology Associates

Find the Right Advanced Technology Hearing Aid To Fit Your Lifestyle

It was probably neither an aspiration nor an expectation that you would ever have to wear hearing aids. Thinking about wearing them makes many people nervous because they recall those bulky, unattractive gadgets worn by their parents or grandparents.

Modern hearing aids are nothing like those outdated devices, thanks to the same micro-digital technology that has made cell phones smaller yet more powerful. Today’s hearing aids are smaller, lighter, process sound with much greater clarity, and are so discrete to wear that many of our patients tell us that their friends, co-workers, or neighbors have never noticed that they wear hearing aids.

Features of advanced technology hearing aids include larger, longer-lasting, rechargeable batteries, as well as the capability to connect your smartphone, television, computer, and other digital devices directly to your hearing aids for an enhanced hearing experience. Our hearing aid experts are ready to help guide you through the process of selecting and fitting your new hearing aids, as well as providing ongoing follow-up care.

Improve Your Ear Health With Professional Earwax Removal

That yellowish substance that you often find coming out of your ears is known as cerumen or earwax. Though it might be a bit annoying to deal with at times, earwax plays an important role in helping keep your ears healthy by providing moisture as well as removing dirt, debris, and foreign objects from your ear canal.

The important role it plays makes it necessary to maintain a delicate balance when it comes to dealing with earwax. Too little earwax can lead to itching, irritation, and infection in your ear canal, but too much earwax can lead to buildup, muffled sound, and play havoc with hearing aids.

Because it is an important natural process and you can do damage to your ear canal and eardrum by being too aggressive with cotton swabs and other cleaning methods, it is best to allow a professional to remove earwax for you. Our earwax removal specialists can remove earwax using specialized equipment, techniques, and expertise to ensure better ear health.

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