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Various scientific studies show a direct connection between hearing loss and balance. It is common for individuals with untreated hearing loss to have a three times greater risk of falling than those with hearing loss who are being treated for their hearing impairment.
Our audiologists at our Carney, MD location are concerned about the critical injuries, which often result from being unsteady on your feet. Through better hearing care, we not only hope to improve your hearing experience, but also help you maintain your balance and improve your overall quality of life. One of the great benefits of visiting Audiology Associates is the peace of mind that is part of knowing that your hearing health is in the hands of the state’s leading doctors of audiology. We partner with you to come up with the best possible solutions to your hearing challenges rather than masking the problem by pass out hearing aids. Our hearing care professionals focus on your unique hearing needs and provide comprehensive care for “better hearing” and increasing your quality of life.
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Hearing Assessments Lead to Better Hearing Care

Most of us are pretty good about scheduling regular dental and vision testing as well as having our blood pressure and cholesterol checked, but we tend to push hearing tests toward the bottom of our list of healthcare priorities. Unfortunately, this lack of attention has made hearing loss the third most common health issue in America, threatening the quality of life and independence of 1 in 8 individuals. Though we often associate hearing loss with aging, hearing loss can happen to anyone of any age, which is why we need to give higher priority to scheduling regular hearing assessments. A hearing test is quick, easy and non-invasive, and is the essential first step on your journey to better hearing.
Better Hearing Assessments at Audiology Associates
Overcome hearing challenges with the right hearing aid at Audiology Associates Carney

The Most Advanced Hearing Aid Technology in Carney, MD

You may not be thrilled with idea of having to wear prescription hearing aids, especially if you imagine those bulky, frustrating devices your parents or grandparents wore. Rest assured, not only are prescription hearing aids only one of many possibilities to restore your hearing, but modern hearing aids are smaller, lighter weight and have the power to produce greater clarity and connectivity options to give your hearing experience a boost. Our hearing care professionals apply the highest industry standards and our audiological expertise to find the solution that fits your unique hearing care needs rather than a “one size fits all” approach to prescription hearing aids. We provide you with full transparency regarding our various treatment plans and focus on making sure you are satisfied with your hearing instrument using our unique 26-point fitting process to meet personal hearing goals.

We Offer More to Serve the Community

The delicate technology inside your prescription hearing device sometimes stops working, and it’s not uncommon for users to step on their prescription hearing aids or forget them on the dashboard of the car. Should this or other accidents happen to you, Audiology Associates in Carney, MD have your back. We have in-house hearing aid repair experts with the equipment and expertise to work with a wide range of models and manufacturers to get your device working as designed. This is just one more reason why Maryland residents look to us with confidence when seeking troubleshooting support, maintenance or repair. It’s not uncommon to feel completely overwhelmed whenever you try to sort out what your insurance coverage includes and how much benefit you can expect to receive. At Audiology Associates, we are well aware of the frustration you might experience, so our insurance specialists are more than happy to give you a hand. We partner with major insurance providers to help maximize the benefits you have coming, making the first steps along your hearing care journey as painless as possible.
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