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Is it becoming a struggle to remember what you intended to pick up at the grocery store or what your granddaughter said about yesterday’s tennis match?

Your decreased recall ability is associated with cognitive decline, which is one of the most damaging consequences of leaving hearing loss untreated. At the Audiology Associates office in Easton, MD our audiologists are able to provide hearing care that can decrease the effects of cognitive decline and restore your ability to recall events, conversations and the reason you stopped by the grocery store.

Placing your hearing health in the hands of the state’s leading doctors of audiology produces greater peace of mind, which is one of the benefits that comes from partnering with Audiology Associates. Instead of passing out hearing aids to mask your problem, our hearing care professionals use our expertise in audiology to provide comprehensive hearing care that meets your unique “better hearing” needs as well as give your overall quality of life a boost.

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How We Can Help

Hearing Assessments Produce Better Hearing Care

You’re good about scheduling regular dental and vision testing as well as having our blood pressure and cholesterol checked, but where do you place regular hearing assessments on your list of health care priorities? Since 1 in 8 Americans experience hearing loss, making hearing loss the third most common health concern in the US, maybe its time to place greater emphasis on regular hearing tests as well. Most assume that hearing issues only effect the elderly, but hearing loss can happen to anyone of any age, becoming progressively worse when left untreated, which is why it is critical to have your hearing tested. Hearing assessments are non-invasive, quick and easy, providing the information necessary to take the first step on your journey to better hearing.
Better Hearing Assessments at Audiology Associates
Overcome hearing challenges with the right hearing aid at Audiology Associates Easton

The Most Advanced Hearing Aid Technology in Easton, MD

Does the idea of wearing prescription hearing aids make you nervous or uncomfortable? Rest easy, not only are there many other solutions to your hearing challenges, but today’s prescription hearing aids are nothing like those your parents or grandparents used. They are smaller, lighter weight, more discrete to wear and produce much greater clarity as well as connectivity options to enrich your hearing experience. The hearing care approach used by our audiologists follows the best practices of the industry and we use our audiological expertise to seek the solution that fits your specific hearing challenges rather than using a “one size fits all” approach to prescription hearing aids. We include full transparency in our treatment plans and we work to make sure your hearing aids meet your better hearing goals and expectations with our unique 26-point fitting process.

Taking Things to the Next Level to Serve the Community

Did you leave your prescription hearing aid on the dashboard of your car, step on it or did it simple stop working? Don’t worry, Audiology Associates has you covered. The in-house hearing aid repair experts at our Easton, MD location have the equipment and expertise to get your device working again. We work with various manufacturers and models, so you can have the confidence to ask us for help with troubleshooting support, maintenance or repair. Tracking down your insurance benefits can be quite a challenge, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, confused and without any clear answers. Because we are well acquainted with your frustration, the insurance specialists at Audiology Associates are eager to check on your coverage for you. Because we partner with all major insurance providers we are able to help our patients maximize the benefits they can expect to receive, simplifying the first steps along your journey to better hearing care.
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Meet Your Team at Easton, MD

Bonnie Young, Patient Care Coordinator at Audiology Associates in Easton

Patient Care Coordinator

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It’s often the small things that hold us back from making a positive decision, whether it’s a question or a concern.

That’s why, at Audiology Associates, a hearing care expert is on hand to help. Simply complete this form and when a hearing expert is available, she will call you for a friendly, no-obligation conversation to answer your questions.

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