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Multi-sensual awareness plays a major role in your ability to remain steady on your feet as you walk. Your ability to hear is one of the main senses involved in the process. Its absence or reduced capacity leads to vertigo or balance issues.
Uncorrected damage to your inner ear hinders its role in helping to keep you upright. Many critical injuries from falling are among the major consequences of untreated hearing loss. A visit to our audiologist at our NW Washington DC location can help solve your balance issues and preventing serious falls. The confidence and peace of mind of knowing that your hearing health is in the hands of the state’s leading doctors of audiology is one of the benefits that comes from partnering with Audiology Associates. We don’t just pass out hearing aids to mask your problem. Our experts focus on your unique hearing needs, providing comprehensive care with “better hearing” and an overall improved quality of life is our objective.
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Better Hearing Care Begins with a Hearing Assessment

Were you aware that 1 out of 8 Americans experience hearing loss or that hearing loss is the third most common health concern for Americans? In spite of these alarming statistics, most of us focus our attention on regular dental and vision testing as well as having our blood pressure and cholesterol checked, but we place regular hearing assessment far down the list of health care priorities. Because hearing loss can happen to anyone of any age, it has never been more important to have your hearing tested. Hearing assessments are quick, non-invasive and simple – they’re the perfect first step on your journey to better hearing.
Better Hearing Assessments at Audiology Associates
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The Most Advanced Hearing Aid Technology in NW Washington DC

Though not the only solution, prescription hearing aids can be the best solution to your hearing challenges. When they are, you can rest easy knowing that modern prescription hearing aids are more powerful, smaller, lighter weight and come with greater clarity and connectivity options to improve your hearing experience. We don’t use a “one size fits all” approach to prescription hearing aids, but seek the best solution for better hearing by applying the highest industry standards and audiological expertise to achieve better hearing with full transparency. Our unique treatment plans and 26-point fitting process are proof that you will receive personal care from our hearing professionals.

We Go a Step Further to Serve the Community

Whether you stepped on your prescription hearing aid, forgot it on the dashboard of your car or its delicate technology simply stopped working, we’ve got you covered. Our in-house repair experts in Northwest Washington DC have the equipment and expertise to get your device back up to speed in no time. We work with a wide range of manufacturers and models, so you can feel confident when you seek help for troubleshooting support, maintenance or repair. Discovering what your insurance coverage includes and how much benefit you can expect to receive can leave you dazed and confused without any answers. We understand your frustration, so Audiology Associates will check your coverage for you. We partner with all major insurance providers to help our patients maximize their benefits they receive while making the first steps along your hearing care journey as easy as possible.
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