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Nobody wants to feel left out. However, that’s what often happens when you struggle to keep up with your conversations among family, friends and neighbors.
The struggle to understand a conversation might leave you feeling frustrated, stressed and exhausted, causing you to avoid family gatherings, social events or community activities, which isolate you from what’s going on. You can get back to enjoying a rich social life and be in on what’s going on with the advanced hearing care we provide. With a visit to our Parkville, MD location, you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your hearing health is in the hands of the state’s leading doctors of audiology. At Audiology Associates, we don’t just pass out hearing aids to mask your hearing problem, but focus on your unique hearing needs and provide comprehensive care designed to produce “better hearing” for you as well as an overall boost in your quality of life.
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How We Can Help

Better Hearing Care Starts with a Hearing Assessment

Statistics show that hearing loss is the third most common health concern in America effecting 1 out of 8 individuals. In the face of these alarming statistics, it seems that hearing tests would rate equal importance with regular dental and vision testing as well as having our blood pressure and cholesterol checked, but that’s not usually the case. Hearing loss effects individuals of all ages, lifestyles and social positions. Consequently, whether you’re aware that you have a problem or not, it is important to have your hearing tested. Hearing assessments are easy, quick and non-invasive, making them the perfect first step on your journey to better hearing.
Better Hearing Assessments at Audiology Associates
Overcome hearing loss challenges with the right hearing device at Audiology Associates Parkville

The Most Advanced Hearing Aid Technology in Parkville, MD

Prescription hearing aids are one among many solutions available to help overcome your hearing challenges. They’re not what you might imagine. Instead of being bulky, ugly and frustrating, modern prescription hearing aids are powerful, small, lightweight and allow you to enjoy greater hearing clarity and connectivity options to enhance your hearing experience. Our hearing care professionals don’t use a “one size fits all” approach to prescription hearing aids. Instead, we seek the best solution for your specific hearing issues and apply the right instrument to meet your needs. We adhere to the highest industry standards, our audiological expertise and full transparency to help you hear better. Evidence of our commitment to your personal care is demonstrated in our unique treatment plans and 26-point fitting process.

We Take Things a Step Further to Serve the Community

Stepping on your prescription hearing aid, forgetting it on the dashboard of your car or malfunctioning technology are all part of digital electronics, but we’ve got you covered. Our Parkville, MD location has hearing aid repair experts with the equipment and expertise to restore your device to its proper working order in-house. Because we work with a variety of manufacturers and models, you need not hesitate to ask for our help with troubleshooting support, maintenance or repair. If you have ever tried to read insurance coverage documents, you’ve probably walked away with a headache, a lot of confusion and no answers. Our insurance specialists understand your frustration, that’s why Audiology Associates offers to check your coverage for you. We partner with major insurance providers so we’re used to helping you get the highest amount of benefits available, making your first steps along your hearing care journey relatively seamless.
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It’s often the small things that hold us back from making a positive decision, whether it’s a question or a concern.

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