Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron has used the philosophy that strengthening personal relationships makes life better for people with hearing loss as motivation for innovations in hearing aid technology.

The company has become a major player in the hearing technology industry, making its products available in 20 international offices in 70 countries and from a large network of distribution partners.

Canadian-based Unitron, building on the success of its analog instruments, is an innovator in the digital age, designing award-winning solutions that address background noise and sound level challenges.

Its Moxi Now device, the smallest wireless RIC (receiver-in-canal) hearing instrument available, earned them Red Dot’s “Best of the Best” design award in 2017.

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Advanced Hearing Solutions From Unitron

AntiShock, SmartFocus, SoundNav, Sound Conductor, and SpeechZone 2 are all technologies developed by Unitron to address speech preservation and intelligibility issues.

The guaranteed quality and responsiveness of Unitron hearing aids also include Insight technology, allowing users to link their hearing aids directly to their smartphones and other digital devices.

Unitron also offers a unique Flex program, which allows you to try out hearing aids calibrated for your unique type and level of hearing loss before you buy them.

Unitron hearing aids

Remote Assistance Using Remote Plus

Using Insight and Remote Plus, Unitron hearing aid users can send hearing aid data and listening experience feedback to your hearing care professional in order to improve tech support, help with troubleshooting, and allow your hearing aid specialist to program your device from a remote location.

Hearing Care Focused On You, Not Your Hearing Aids

Advanced hearing technology solutions, like those available from Unitron, are incredible tools we use to help you achieve better hearing, but Audiology Associates’ primary focus continues to be on the personalized hearing care our doctors of audiology provide.

In addition to providing comprehensive hearing assessments that accurately identify your hearing challenges so we can help you choose the hearing instrument best suited to meet your needs, we also provide ongoing technical support, maintenance, and hearing aid repair of Unitron, Phonak, Starkey, and many other major hearing aid brands.

Let us meet your unique hearing care needs with the most advanced hearing aid technology and personalized care available in Maryland and the DC area.

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Sometimes your lifestyle, hobbies or occupation can expose you to damaging levels of noise on a regular basis. While we all wear sunscreen during the hot summers, often our ears get overlooked.

If you or a loved one is worried about your hearing, then the first step is to fill out our ‘Request a Callback’ form to discuss the options we have available.

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