Dr. Leslie Gilbert, Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Leslie Gilbert

Au.D., CCC-A

Audiologist – Annapolis Office

Dr. Leslie Gilbert is a Southern Maryland native who grew up in Calvert County. She received her bachelor of arts (B.A) from the University of Maryland and received her doctor of audiology (Au.D.) and masters of sciences (M.S.) from Gallaudet University.

As well as an extremely talented audiologist, Dr. Gilbert is a wonderful addition to the team and is always supporting her colleagues wherever she can, ensuring the team is always heading in the right direction. With each patient, she is attentive and professional, using both empathy and sensitivity to approach their individual needs.

As well as getting to improve the lives of patients, Dr. Gilbert is extremely honored to work alongside a supportive team and group of colleagues.

In her spare time, she enjoys time with family and being outdoors. When the weather is warmer, she is a true explorer and loves going to new places, hiking, and getting coffee with friends. The job can be difficult, but her calm composure can be credited to her daily dedication to yoga and meditation.

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