Are Your Hearing Aids Having Issues with the New iOS14 Update?

Are Your Hearing Aids Having Issues with the New iOS14 Update?

by | Dec 14, 2020 | Hearing Aids, News, Patient Resources, Technology

My patients in the Maryland and DC area are pretty savvy when dealing with technology, but sometimes technology can cause a lot of frustration.

The simultaneous release of Apple’s newest iPhone 12 and their iOS 14 software upgrade is causing a lot of frustration for Audiology Associates patients and iPhone users in general.

I am bringing the issue to your attention because some of our hearing aid wearers have purchased the new iPhone 12 and are struggling with the connection between their hearing aids and the new device.

Many hearing aid users have contacted us complaining that there is a problem with their hearing aids in their frustration. To provide some clarification and peace of mind that the problem is not with your hearing aids, let’s walk through the issue and Apple’s response.

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iPhone 12 Has a Pairing Issue Using Bluetooth

The main complaint related to the new iPhone 12 has to do with pairing Bluetooth problems when used to link the smartphone to various other devices.

The latest iOS 14 software update does not provide the necessary support to allow the pairing process.

Where some initially pointed to the iOS 14 software release as the problem, complaints in Apple’s discussion forum indicate that little to no pairing issues are present when users with iPhone 11 Pro or an older model smartphone using the latest software update.

Consequently, the iPhone 12 has taken most of the blame.

The Problem Specific to Hearing Aids

The problem applies to hearing aid users who use Bluetooth to pair their hearing aids to their new iPhone, which causes them to experience static and distorted sound coming from their hearing instruments.

Among the common complaints are uncomfortably loud sounds during phone calls and a sketching connection between the hearing aids and the smartphone, causing the link to be lost in one or both ears.

Some users may recall a similar issue in the fall of 2019 when Apple released their iOS 13 software update, which generated almost identical Bluetooth connectivity issues for hearing aid wearers using the iPhone 11.

Though preventing the same issue from being repeated ought to have been a priority, it appears that Apple has repeated the same mistake.

Apple’s Response to the Problem

Imagine the size of the laundry list of bugs and faults Apple faces whenever they release a new product or update their iOS software, so it might be a while before the problem goes away.

Though many were hopeful that the issue would disappear with the iOS 14.2 update, it continues to persist.

Apple promises that solving issues involving their Made for iPhone hearing devices is among their top priorities and will be addressed in iOS 14 software updates.

While we wait for the tech giant to sort out the problem, I can assure my Audiology Associates patients that the frustrations you are experiencing are not because your hearing aids are broken.

Get Troubleshooting Support from Audiology Associates

Though we would love to solve Apple’s problem on behalf of our patients, our hands are tied when it comes to this issue.

However, we will continue to do what we do best at Audiology Associates, providing top-level hearing care and support to our patients.

Our team has the most experience, best equipment, and highest level of expertise in the Maryland and DC area for troubleshooting, cleaning, maintenance, and/or repairing your hearing aids, whether you are new to us or an existing patient.

Contact us to take advantage of the many technical services we provide or to find out more about the current iPhone 12 hearing aid connection issue.

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Sofia Roller, Au.D. , F.A.A.A. Audiologist

Dr. Roller, a Maryland native, joined Audiology Associates in 2017. She received her undergraduate degree from James Madison University followed by her clinical doctorate in audiology (Au.D.). She is currently a fellow member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology and the Maryland Academy of Audiology. Dr. Roller is passionate about early intervention for congenital hearing loss, improving quality of life for all ages through advanced hearing technology, and advocation of hearing loss. Her passion stems from her personal experience; she was born with genetic single-sided deafness and grew up with family members who are also hard-of-hearing.

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