3 Reasons Why We’re Proud to Be a Female-Owned Audiology Practice and What This Means for You

3 Reasons Why We’re Proud to Be a Female-Owned Audiology Practice and What This Means for You

by | Oct 12, 2022 | Industry News, News, Patient Resources

Not many people can say they love their job or that they look forward to going to work on Monday. At Audiology Associates, we don’t just love what we do, but we embody everything that it means to be an audiologist.

As a female-owned practice, we are proud to lead the way and be such a unique, valued, and trusted hearing care provider in our community.

If you’ve been scrolling online looking for the best audiologist in Maryland, then there’s no need to look further. In this article, I’m going to explain why.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Reason #1: We can see true potential, irrespective of gender.

We hire based on how well an audiologist aligns with our core values. We don’t NOT hire men, it’s just pure coincidence that the best of the best in Maryland are female!

When it comes to getting the best hearing care available, it makes sense that you would prefer to be treated by an audiologist who specializes in the type of hearing care you need and who you feel you can develop a rapport with.

In addition to the general hearing care services we provide – hearing assessments, advanced hearing aid technology and repairs, hearing treatment plans, earwax removal, and hearing protection – we specialize in treating:

  • Tinnitus
  • Dizziness
  • Pediatrics, including newborn hearing screenings
  • Speech-language pathology
  • Cochlear implant evaluations
  • Educational Audiology

No matter what you need tested, diagnosed, and treated, we’re here for you. Many local medical professionals agree, and they refer patients to us frequently.

Need an incredible audiologist in Maryland? Look no further than Audiology Associates!

Reason #2: Patient care is our number one focus.

We feel that the compassion, empathy, and care every single one of our audiologists offers our patients is second to none, and with such a powerful team of specialists, we are confident that we can give you the best hearing care you’ll find in Maryland.

We deliver the highest levels of audiological care to every patient, and we want every person we treat to enter and leave feeling seen, cared for, and known.

Our online reviews reflect this, with comments like:

  • “The associates are very thorough and patient friendly. Every aspect is explained carefully and questions are welcome.”
  • “I prefer an honest, customer-centric approach. I like that I am not treated like a number in this firm.”
  • “Audiology Associates are easy to work with, and most of all, they genuinely care about you.”

Another thing we try to do is make sure you see the same audiologist at every visit so that you can build a relationship of trust and not have to start over each time you come in.

Our goal is to give you the kind of hearing care you deserve, which is the very best. We’ve been here since 1977, and we’d like to be your hearing care partner for life.


Reason #3: We’re like one big female family.

Dr. Melissa Segev’s father opened his first hearing clinic in 1977, and today she carries on his legacy as co-owner of Audiology Associates with Dr. Briana Holten.

With Dr. Segev and Dr. Holtan leading the way, we are so proud that we are a female-owned business. According to 2019 studies, 42% of small businesses are now owned by women in the United States, and the number of small businesses owned by women has increased by 58% since 2007. It’s an incredible accomplishment to be one of them.

Every team member is chosen based not only on their education but also on how welcome they make our patients feel. This makes our clinics an amazing place to work because we are all focused on putting our patients and their needs first.

We share wonderful camaraderie, which makes our team feel more like family than work colleagues, and we are intent on supporting each other. We believe we are truly a one-of-a-kind hearing center.

Why Choosing Audiology Associates Will Put You in Good Hands

Patient happiness is everything, and we feel that our all-female team makes for the friendliest and most care-focused experience possible. Imagine walking into a hearing clinic and all you see is an extended group of caring, supportive, and fun mothers, aunts, sisters, and nieces. That’s what being here is like.

Then add to that the knowledge that every single woman in the room cares about your hearing health so much that they will always go the extra mile to make sure your hearing is optimized and that any hearing-related issue is treated properly.

Seriously, you can’t go wrong with being a patient at Audiology Associates. Call us at 410-944-3100 if you’d like to know more!

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Dr. Melissa Segev Au.D, F.A.A.A.

Dr. Segev, co-owner of Audiology Associates, proudly represents the values of excellent patient care upon which her practice was established in 1977. She understands that to properly treat the patient, excellent state-of-the-art medical testing is required along with acute listening and understanding of the patient’s perceptions of how they are feeling and what their needs might be.

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