ON AIR – Melissa Segev with Talk Radio 680 WCBM

ON AIR – Melissa Segev with Talk Radio 680 WCBM

by | Apr 29, 2021 | News, Patient Resources, Radio Show

Did you know that we now have our own slot on Talk Radio? We still can’t believe it either!

The awareness of better hearing is so important, and we are honored to be able to use Talk Radio as a platform to help others.

If it’s just one listener that resonates with something we are talking about, then maybe it will instigate others to seek help and do something about their hearing. That alone is the best thing we could wish for.

This week, we got the chance to delve into some interesting topics, including the different hearing aid options available.

A common question that gets passed through to our clinic is “What are OTC hearing aids?” and we felt it was important to break down some of the myths and misconceptions.


Prefer to read rather than listen? Below is the transcript for you!

A New Type of Device

An OTC hearing aid is an over-the-counter hearing aid. It is seen as the “cheaper” alternative to hearing aids – although that doesn’t even cover it.

They are not your typical hearing aid, as they don’t have the same level of advanced functions and technology such as background noise filtering.

It’s kind of like you’re in the middle. If you’re not able to get a hearing aid yet and you’re unsure whether it’s right for you, then an OTC is a great option.

The Dangers

Some of the models are great while others are not so great. You just have to do your research.

It’s important that you really look into the correct OTC for yourself, as some can actually damage your hearing. It could be that it’s not giving you the appropriate volume or, on the other hand, it’s giving you too much volume, which is damaging to your ears.

The only issue I have about OTCs is that they advertise that you don’t need a hearing test, which is really dangerous.

It’s advertised for mild to moderate hearing loss. But how is anyone supposed to know that they are in that category? It’s impossible.

How We Can Help

If you are a candidate for an OTC, when you come into our office, we will be able to recommend some appropriate devices for you.

The benefit of coming to us is that we will be able to show you how to put it into your ear, download it to your phone, and program it as best as we can with the limitations of the software.

OTCs are an interesting category because not everyone needs to spend a lot of money on hearing aids, so these can be a good lower-price option. We will also be carrying them in our office so you can test it out for yourself.

What if I have a Hearing Loss?

If you happen to have a serious hearing loss, OTCs are not the answer.

While they work to amplify sound, they don’t directly treat hearing loss, which can make your hearing worse.

This only means that you are avoiding the problem, which can result in serious cognitive decline, including Alzheimer’s and many other damaging side effects.

If you have any questions about anything in this article, feel free to get in touch at (410) 944-3100 and a member of our team will be able to help.

See you next week on Talk Radio!

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Dr. Melissa Segev Au.D, F.A.A.A.

Dr. Segev, co-owner of Audiology Associates, proudly represents the values of excellent patient care upon which her practice was established in 1977. She understands that to properly treat the patient, excellent state-of-the-art medical testing is required along with acute listening and understanding of the patient’s perceptions of how they are feeling and what their needs might be.

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