Earwax Removal Services In Maryland and DC

Earwax (cerumen) is the yellow-colored substance that lives inside your ears.

It has several important jobs, including protecting and moisturizing the ear canal and preventing dry, itchy ears.

Produced in the outer ear canal, it is made up of dead skin cells and hairs that it picks up as it makes its way to the entrance of the ear.

While it usually falls out in your sleep, sometimes a buildup can occur, causing temporary hearing loss and discomfort.

As it is completely self-regulating, it’s best to leave it alone instead of poking around with Q-tips. This can actually make your ears produce more earwax!

The best thing you can do is visit a medical professional who can effectively extract your earwax and look at it with a professional set of eyes.

Our specialized earwax removal process ensures that your ears are cleared of excess wax safely and comfortably.


“Both my son and I had a great experience. The doctor is professional and passionate about helping her patients hear to the best of their ability. On a side note, she is so passionate about ear care that during Thanksgiving she cleans all of her family members ears. Now that is dedication!”

Mr. Gresick


“Clean small practice. Dr. Segev is so patient and friendly. The receptionist is amazing and friendly. Dr. Segev explained every test and every step she took. Our son started seeing her at 15 months and she was great with him.”

Missy W.


“I brought my 7-year-old to this location today (Ellicott City, MD) and he met with Dr. Kincaid. She was AMAZING. He wasn’t happy about having to go in on his day off from school, but as soon as she started talking to him he was smiling and felt more relaxed. He actually said he had fun there. Everything went well and I will recommend Dr. Kincaid to others. Thank you for great service!”

Jaime Brook

What Causes An Earwax Buildup?

An earwax buildup occurs when your ears produce an excess of earwax.

This could be due to a number of reasons, including health conditions or injury. The most common cause of earwax compaction is due to inserting Q-tips inside of your ears.

By inserting Q-tips inside your ears, it actually pushes the earwax further into the ear canal, which can cause impaction or even a rupture in the eardrum.

As more earwax is produced, it will make the earwax less mobile or more stubborn, causing ear fullness and itchiness.

Naturally, earwax becomes drier with age, so it is more common among the elderly.

Our specialized earwax removal process ensures that your ears are cleared of excess wax safely and comfortably.

What To Do If You Think Your Ear Is Blocked

Earwax fullness isn’t fun, so you’re bound to want some relief from it.

Rule number 1, you should never try to remove earwax yourself with your fingernails or any foreign objects such as bobby pins. Your ears are a very delicate organ, and one small mistake can be detrimental to the health of your ears.

If earwax is only a minor problem, you can use over-the-counter solutions to soften the wax. This encourages the earwax to fall out naturally.

In cases where the earwax is more severe, you must get in touch with a medical professional, and they will be able to safely extract the earwax.

If over-the-counter solutions don’t offer relief, our professional earwax removal service is your next step to clear hearing.

Audiology Associates Earwax Removal Services

Some people are prone to producing more earwax than others.

The good news is that a buildup of earwax doesn’t have to be permanent, as there are treatments to provide you with some relief.

Our experts can look into your ears using a specialized otoscope to assess the earwax and see if there is a buildup.

Using a curvette, we can gently scoop out the earwax, ensuring it is a painless and efficient procedure.

To help get rid of stubborn wax, we can fill up a syringe with water and gently insert it inside of your ears. This helps to flush out any wax that may be causing you discomfort.

While we can remove earwax in all of our locations, in our Easton, Wilkens Avenue, Glen Burnie, Ellicott City, Timonium and Carney offices, we use state-of-the-art technology – the “Earigator” – to remove earwax. The Earigator is an advanced tool specifically designed for efficient earwax extraction, offering a more comfortable experience for our patients.

The next time you’re in the office, we will take a further look into your ears to see if earwax is still a problem.

Our Audiologists are skilled in both traditional and innovative earwax removal techniques, including the gentle and effective use of the Earigator.

Before and After The Removal of Earwax

A Comparison of the Ear Canal Before and After an Earwax Removal Procedure

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