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  • radioguyy .1/04/2019

    Dr. Aimee Kaplan is the complete package: She is friendly and empathetic...she listens to her patient's description of their hearing issues, BEFORE discussing potential solutions.... rather than simply telling the patient what they need. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced. You won't find a better audiologist than Dr. Aimee Kaplan!

  • Brenda Kelly3/24/2017

    I have been a patient of Dr. Corinne Richards' for many years and have been very satisfied. She's always able to answer my questions so I understand what I need to do, and she keeps my hearing aids in perfect condition.

  • Norman Shawe6/23/2018

    Wow what a learning experience. They took there time and explained everything to my wife and I. Talked about the different options we had, gave us her recommendations and why. Allowed us time to discuss and we also had a great guestion and answer session. Never felt rushed. More importantly they support the patient/client after the sale as well as having the ability to have the product serviced nationally if needed. Highly recommend.

  • Bob Earickson12/11/2019

    The friendliness and efficiency -- are just what you need in this kind of service. The new product (battery charger) is superior to the original I was issued last year.

  • Jeanna Payne2/05/2020

    Friendly and knowledgeable

  • Sandra Hulson1/12/2020

    Love doctor Courtney she's very personable and caring. I feel she goes above and beyond to make sure your experience there is the best

  • Robert Mauck7/10/2019

    Christina went above and beyond the call of duty or the scope of her position.
    My wife and I picked up a hearing aid for my wife. In the course of the first evening wearing it, my wife took it out for the evening. At bedtime, I asked my wife for her device to place It on the charger, and she could not find it. To make a long story short, over the next several days, we took our home apart searching for her hearing aid. We had concerns that our dog may have chewed it up. In any event, after searching, I stopped by Audiology Associates offices, an relayed the story too Christina. Christina indicated that she would speak to her contact with the manufacture, and see what could be done to replace the hearing device for us. After several days, Christina called me to say, the manufacturer had agreed to replace my wife's hearing aid at no cost to us, and we could come by the office and pick it up.
    You will never know what a relief it was to know that we would not have to purchase another at nearly $2,500.
    Thank you Christina, Audiology Associates and the hearing aid manufacturer for helping two old people continue living life.

  • Paul O'Donnell6/17/2019

    I highly recommend Audiology Associates. Dr. Kincaid has done a great job correcting my hearing loss.

  • Sherry Pinder10/23/2019

    The lady that performed the hearing and balance testing was awesome. She explained everything she was doing and explained the results. That was great I knew results, not having to wait till my appointment with the ENT.

  • Wayne Ross6/27/2019

    I wanted to take time Dr. Candace Robinson to thank you and your staff for helping me with my warrantee for my Resound Hearing aids. Also I very much appreciate you going the extra mile and re-testing my hearing to ensure that my Hearings were calibrated correctly. It is not often that customers experience stellar service in our daily activities so I wanted to let you know that you guys are the exception to the rule.

    Yes I can still hear the rain drops and birds singing.... Thank you so much.

    Best Regards,

    Wayne T. Ross

  • Stephen Wallis5/05/2017

    My wife and I recently went to Dr. Jennifer Kincaid at Audiology Associates in Ellicott City for a hearing screening and consult. It was a positive experience, and I thought I'd provide a review.

    Upon entering the office, we met the office receptionist, Louise, who was warm, welcoming, and professional, which made a favorable initial impression.

    A short time later, we were welcomed by Dr. Kincaid, who we also found to be warm, gracious, and very much current on hearing loss and hearing-assisted technology, particularly important in light of our interest in how advanced technology had changed for the better how hearing loss is addressed today. Jennifer's focus was on determining how it was that I was experiencing hearing difficulty, with an emphasis on how today's technology might address the issue. She conducted a hearing screening and follow-up review, as well as a detailed and comprehensive follow-up discussion on where and how I was encountering hearing loss. She introduced the range of hearing aids available from a number of manufacturers, as well as the various styles from which I might select. She then explained the hearing aid and audiological follow-up services that she provided.

    The general appearance of the office and examining areas was clean, organized, and featured large computer monitors that facilitated a comfortable and comprehensive review and discussion of my specific hearing loss and how it could be addressed.

    Contemplating hearing aides is a major life style change, one I thought warranted a second opinion, and I both benefited from and appreciated the second consult, as well. However, Dr. Kincaid and her staff, the location and appearance of this practice, and how well it seemed outfitted with current technology made enough of a favorable impression that I chose to go with this specific facility.

    As an armed forces veteran, I'm also appreciative of Jennifer going the extra mile to meet the cost and service that other audiology offices offered. I highly recommend this hearing practice, and I have since offered Jennifer's professional assisted hearing services to other friends dealing with hearing loss issues in one form or another.

    I'm currently getting used to the life style change of wearing hearing aides, and I'm looking forward to an improved hearing experience for years to come.

  • Diana Phelps5/17/2018

    I had the best experience with Dr. Rouleau. She takes her time with each patient & does it all right. She is extremely professional, kind & considerate. She will truly be missed very much by this patient!!! Happy retirement Dr. Rouleau.

  • Don Palughi5/29/2019

    For too many years, I was in denial that I needed hearing aids During those years, my family continually encouraged, more like pestered, me to at least take a test to determine if I needed hearing aids or not. I finally reluctantly agreed to be tested; however, I made it perfectly clear to everyone that no matter the results of the test, I was not going to put hideous looking hearing aids in my ears… period.
    With that said, I am extremely happy to report that under the loving and tender care of Dr. Candace Robinson throughout the entire testing and trial use of calibrated hearing aids, I am now a firm believer in the benefit obtained with the use of properly calibrated and fitted hearing aids suited to my particular needs…..restoring my hearing loss to its original level.
    I can now actively participate in all family discussions without missing a beat. My grandchildren playfully tell me that they have to watch out what they say around me…..now that I can hear.
    If it wasn’t for Dr. Robinson with her loving and tender care coupled with her extreme high level of auditory professionalism, there is no way I would be in the position I am today…..fully enjoying all the benefits that others enjoy…..normal hearing due to properly fitted and calibrated hearing aids.
    Thanks so much……Theresa

  • Patricia Crum10/16/2019

    Wonderful 1st Visit! Today was my 82 y/o mom's evaluation. It could not have gone better. Dr. Robinson was so patient and explained everything to us, including a surgical option. Mom decided, on the spot with zero pressure from Dr. R., that she wanted a hearing aid. In reading about Dr. Robinson we found out that she is a clinical instructor--that's wonderful! Those students should follow not just her technical expertise but her manner in dealing with the patient.

  • Robert Kemmer12/29/2018

    My hearing aids (Siemans) were getting a bit long in the tooth, and I could tell that they were not long for this world. After all they were 8 years old. So it was a trip to the Audiologist to see what was available (read that as models and Cost). But I was not yet ready to take the plunge because of other appointments and the impending cost. The folks at Audiology Associates ( Dr. Deirdre Courtney) knew that I was not going to commit that day, but she explained everything in detail and told me that they would handle everything when I was ready. Not two weeks later my right hearing aid died, and I found out that it could not be repaired. I made the appointment for the hearing test shortly after that. The hearing test was one of the most comprehensive that I have ever had, They had Hearing aids there ready for me to evaluate and test to see if that is what I wanted. They were, to a "T". Throughout this entire experience, Dr. D and her staff treated me in a most professional way, yet they kept it human, where I felt that I was being treated as a valued customer or friend. The hearing aids are providing me with superb service, and the team of professionals there assured me that they were there in case I needed any assistance. This, indeed was a positive experience for me, and when the need arises that these devices need to be replaced, I will return to Audiology Associates to give them the first shot at new ones.

  • René Natasha7/03/2019

    Clean small practice. Dr Segiv is so patient and friendly. Receptionist is amazing and friendly. Dr. Segiv explained every test and every step she took. Our son started seeing her at 15 months and she was great with him.

  • Tabitha Seiler7/22/2019

    Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Melissa S. She was patient and thorough with my son (and me as a first time mom!)

  • Vernon W.10/24/2018

    I found the doctor and staff to be professional, courteous and accommodating during my visit. The Doctor was patient and compassionate about my concerns which helped to calm my nerves a great deal . The examination was thorough and complete and I will go here for all of my future hearing needs. I was very satisfied with my experience there and I highly recommend this practice. 👍

  • Nancy Leventhal4/10/2019

    Melissa is wonderful. She provides professional expertise in a caring and very knowledgeable manner. Great experience.

  • Bill Traveler7/27/2018

    These ain't your grandfather's hearing aids! I thought this experience would be overwhelming but Dr. Aimee Kaplan Au.D, Audiology Associates in Timonium, made it a very pleasant visit. Explaining very clearly what she was doing and why, I was run through a series of hearing test that only today's technology could have made possible. The test proved what everyone around me already knew – I have a hearing problem. Dr. Kaplan helped me choose the right hearing aid for my budget. The follow-up after the sale has been wonderful. Dr. Kaplan's only goal is to make satisfy customers. While this is a chain company it feels more like a private practice and that I am her only customer. Her staff gets a five-star review also. I love my hearing aids and I love Dr. Kaplan's professionalism.

  • Sarah Bathon5/09/2018

    Dr. Robinson and her team are phenomenal. They were all very welcoming, helpful, and kind. She took the time and effort to answer all of my questions and thoroughly explain things to me. I never felt rushed during my visit. She made sure I was comfortable every step of the way. I was diagnosed with moderate to moderate-severe hearing loss which made me upset but she was calm and caring throughout the whole process. She's the kind of doctor you can tell really wants to help you in any way possible and doesn't just view you as a paying customer. I highly recommend her.

  • Tanya Berry8/01/2018

    My father has had nothing but a positive experience through audiology associates. He has been able to ask questions about his treatment and he is able to understand what he is supposed to be looking out for and doing to make sure that he is adjusting his devices properly. I am very happy with the service he receives. From the person who answers the phone, to the one who is checking him into the office for his appointments, everyone is patient with him. Thank you to all of the staff there for making my dad feel comfortable during a time when he was very nervous about his hearing loss. We appreciate you

  • Maria Crocker6/04/2020

    Repair/replacement of Hearing Aid Tubing Called this location with an emergency repair for my mother's hearing aid tubing, She's not a regular customer, but Angie was very helpful in arranging a curbside appointment. As my mom isn't able to travel, my brother took the hearing aid in and it was serviced in less than 20 minutes! Working great now! Very grateful to this practice for being so efficient, fast and HELPFUL!!

  • Andrea Anderson7/29/2019

    My 1 year old daughter required a routine evaluation and we were so pleased with our experience at this office. During our first visit, it was difficult getting my daughter to stay still enough for the evaluation, so Dr. Sofia Roller recommended that she come back while napping.
    So, on our way to our follow-up appointment my daughter fell asleep in the car and Dr. Roller came out to the car and did the testing while she was asleep in her car seat. It was so quick and easy and I greatly appreciated Dr. Roller's flexibility. I'd highly recommend this office.

  • J.A. Luperini7/16/2020

    I had no concerns before visiting Audiology Associates for a curbside appointment.
    The service was fine, I really appreciate having curbside service available. If anyone has concerns they are unjustified!

  • Rosemary Hertsch8/16/2019

    Dr. Sofia Roller is without a doubt the most caring, professional doctor of audiology I’ve ever had the privilege of knowing. She cares for my 100+ year-old aunt, Doris Jacober, showing patience and love an elderly person needs. Thank you, Dr. Roller, for your kindness and wonderful help with my aunt’s hearing.

  • Christina Kirby Fike8/29/2019

    Amazing Audiologists. Fantastic practice.

  • Rebecca Russ3/25/2018

    Friendly and efficient.

  • Dory Torres6/20/2019

    Dr Robinson is very caring and very thorough. She helps patients to select the right hearing aids at a price that is affordable. The practice helps with finding out if ones insurance covers hearing aids. Overall they are extremely caring and helpful.

  • mrgresick .1/21/2019

    Both my son and I had a great experience. The doctor is professional and passionate about helping her patients hear to the best of their ability. On a side note, she is so passionate about ear care that during Thanksgiving she cleans all of her family members ears. Now that is dedication!