Patient Stories

Marybeth Etzel, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“The associates are very thorough and patient friendly.”

Marybeth struggled to hear at large gatherings or when dining with six or more people. Her hearing loss, along with her irritating tinnitus, left her in an awkward position.

She recalls, “I couldn’t hear the people sitting across from me. I basically would nod and smile and hope it was an appropriate response. I felt left out of conversations and ill at ease.”

Although Marybeth knew she needed hearing aids, she was “concerned that I would not be able to handle them. I was also concerned about how they would look or change my appearance.”

Fortunately, she found the reassurance and support she needed at her first appointment. “The Audiology Associates were very friendly. The office felt very welcoming.”

With her hearing aids, social gatherings are much more enjoyable now for Marybeth. She says, “I attend gatherings without the fear of being left out or unable to hear.”

She also finds the apps that control her hearing aids and mask her tinnitus very helpful. Overall, she is very satisfied with Audiology Associates and encourages everyone to try them out.

She says, “The associates are very thorough and patient friendly. Every aspect is explained carefully and questions are welcome. …Help is just a phone call away.”

– Marybeth Etzel

Kimberly Powers, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“They have helped me overcome many challenges with my hearing over the decades.”

Kimberley has had a hearing loss since childhood and didn’t get hearing aids until she was 18. Now, at 51, she has had plenty of experience with audiologists over the years, and some of those experiences were not always positive.

She says, “I have had poor experiences with several audiologists in my past where I feel they simply were pushing to make money and not find what is best for me.”

Although it’s been a while since her first Audiology Associates visit, she recalls, “At first, I was worried it was not as ‘glossy’ as some I’d been into. But then, I almost immediately found this group is focused on what the customer needs – not decorating and fancy places.

“I prefer an honest, customer-centric approach. I like that I am not treated like a number in this firm.

“I found Audiology Associates to be a trustworthy group and I’ve lost track of how long I’ve been coming there. I even now live 2700 miles away and still fly back to see my office. I have a confidence in this group after they have helped me overcome many challenges with my hearing over the decades.”

Summing up her relationship with Audiology Associates, she says, “I would say life-altering in every way. Without them, I would feel isolated, unable to stay connected to the world around me. Unconnected in my relationships.”

Kimberly says she “would 120% recommend this group above others in the region,” and she encourages “anyone to speak to any audiologist associated with Audiology Associates.”

– Kimberly Powers

Paul Greenbeck, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“Do it. Don’t wait!”

Oftentimes, people are hesitant to get their hearing loss treated because they fear what others might think if they need hearing aids.

Paul recalls the moment when he realized he had a hearing loss, saying, “I was in a demonstration meeting at work and I couldn’t understand what the person was saying. When I asked a few questions, even though the person answered, people around me had to repeat what was said. I felt a little embarrassed, and old.”

The thought of hearing aids troubled Paul and he worried whether they would affect his career. He says, “My concern was would others worry if I was becoming too old for my position. I was concerned that wearing hearing aids would make me be perceived as being old.”

Following his first appointment at Audiology Associates, Paul thought the team was “knowledgeable, professional, and friendly.”

And his experience with his new hearing aids is equally positive. Paul explains, “I am able to have a conversation without asking people to repeat themselves. I am also able to hear when my family are out to dinner in a noisy place.”

He is further impressed with today’s technology. Paul continues, “And the technology features are a big plus, such as Bluetooth connection to my iPhone so I receive my calls directly in my hearing aids.”

To those considering an appointment, he says, “Do it! Don’t wait. Audiology Associates are easy to work with, and most of all, they genuinely care about you.”

– Paul Greenbeck

Amy Woodrum, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“I would have no life without them.”

When you have a hearing loss, finding an audiologist you can count on is important. Amy learned this at a very young age.

“I was born hard of hearing and throughout life my concern has been staying connected in social situations from school to work to play,” she says.

So when she moved to Maryland, she was worried whether she’d find a good hearing care provider. Fortunately, she found Audiology Associates.

Remembering her first appointment, she says, “My first visit at Audiology Associates alleviated that fear and I have been a patient for almost 10 years now!”

She found everyone to be “courteous, professional, and truly listening to the needs of their patients.”

Amy also loves her hearing aids. She says, “The advancements in hearing technology mean I worry less about if I’ll be able to hear on a conference call or in a crowded lecture hall.

“I would have no life without them. I would be so isolated and alienated from society if I did not have hearing aids. I’m so grateful for them!”

As someone with a lifelong history of hearing challenges, Amy advises, “Hearing health matters! Get your hearing checked and with the help of an audiologist, find what device may help you hear loved ones more clearly or hear the dialogue on a favorite TV show that makes you laugh.”

– Amy Woodrum

Robert Kemmer, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“The overall quality of my life has improved 25%.”

Getting through the day with a hearing loss can be daunting. Add an emergency to the equation and it can be scary.

Robert recalls the moment he realized the seriousness of his hearing loss, saying, “I could not understand my wife when she told me she was having pains.”

Prior to his appointment at Audiology Associates, Robert says his main concern was how much hearings aids would cost and “how much, if any, insurance would pay.”

Following his first appointment, Robert felt much better about hearing care. He recalls, “Anne reassured me she would try to answer all of my concerns as best as she could.”

Since getting his hearing aids, Robert says, “The overall quality of my life has improved 25%.”

So, what should others in a similar situation do?

“That’s a ‘no brainer,’” says Robert. “Get your hearing tested by a pro, then go from there.”

– Robert Kemmer

Joanne Keatts, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“Improve your hearing. It makes a big difference.”
Whoever thought a severe sinus infection could lead to hearing loss? Joanne didn’t – but unfortunately for her, it did.

She recalls, “I was horrified I could not hear. It affected my job. It was scary losing my hearing. The hearing tests confirmed my loss, so I knew I needed help.”

Like many patients before her, Joanne was worried that hearing aids wouldn’t help much. Plus she “didn’t want them to be noticeable.”

However, Joanne is happy with her improved hearing and says her new hearing aids have made a “tremendous difference.” She explains, “My family would constantly repeat things I didn’t hear. Now I can adjust the column if I’m not hearing them.”

Satisfied with her experience at Audiology Associates, she advises everyone, “Go get the test. Improve your hearing. It makes a big difference.”

– Joanne Keatts

Jim Fowler, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“They will make a difference in your hearing and your life.”
Jim says he became aware of his hearing loss “when I did not understand my granddaughter.”

This prompted him to call Audiology Associates and make an appointment, even though he was worried that he “might not tolerate the hearing aids.”

However, at his first appointment, Jim found that he was in good hands. His first impression was that “they were great and knew what they were doing.”

Jim is pleased with his new hearing aids. He says, “The hearing aids are a game changer. Did not realize what I was not hearing.”

His words to others in a similar situation are also encouraging. Jim says, “Make an appointment. They will make a difference in your hearing and your life.”

– Jim Fowler

Laurel Scott, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“It has opened up my world.”
Laurel became aware of her hearing loss when she struggled to hear her grandchildren talking.

She says, “I couldn’t hear them in order to have a conversation. It made me sad.”

Prior to her appointment at Audiology Associates, Laurel didn’t have any immediate concerns, but she says, “I felt I needed hearing aids.”

She explains, “I was a second grade teacher and we always told the students that we each needed different tools to learn.” Hence, Laurel was eager to improve her hearing.

Laurel was impressed with the “friendly, clean office” and says the team are “good listeners.”

Now that she has hearing aids, Laurel says, “I can hear my grandkids and I now can tutor elementary children, too. It has opened up my world.”

She encourages others to learn from her lesson, saying, “Go get tested! You’ll be glad you did!”

– Laurel Scott

John Maher, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“Friendly, understanding people.”
Reflecting on the moment he realized he had a hearing loss, John says, “It’s not a singular ‘moment’ but more of a growing awareness that you are missing too much conversation around you.”

When the time came for him to visit Audiology Associates, John says the experience was “favorable” and they are “friendly, understanding people.”

He has found that his hearing aids have “dramatically improved his awareness of conversations.”

To those who haven’t started their journey to better hearing yet, John says, “I recommend them to give Audiology Associates an opportunity to improve their hearing.”

– John Maher

Nancy Maher, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“If you feel like you are missing things, let Audiology Associates explain how you can be helped.”

At first, Nancy had difficulty following conversations, and she often felt left out as a result of her hearing loss.

In particular, “Little voices of grandchildren were difficult to hear,” which left her feeling frustrated and upset.

While she was familiar with hearing aids, her biggest worry was the cost, and it concerned her that hearing aids would be inconvenient to use.

However, when she visited the clinic, Nancy was impressed with the “extremely thorough analysis.”

Since having her hearing aids professionally fitted, it has allowed “better connections with friends and family.”

In addition, it allows the hearing of little things such as the “car blinker, microwave timer, and the TV does not need to be so loud.”

Nancy has one message to others in her position, “If you feel like you are missing things, let Audiology Associates explain how you can be helped.”

Nancy rates her experience as 10/10.

– Nancy Maher

Donna Watsky, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“I can now generally understand speech better.”

Donna recalls the moment she realized she had a hearing loss clearly. While she could get away with disguising lip reading for so long, when she was in a lab, she was “unable to hear what a nearby lady had described.”

As communication was vital in this type of situation, she often found herself asking others to repeat themselves so that she could comment.

The next step was addressing her hearing loss, which came very easy, as she knew how “professional” the whole team is at Audiology Associates.

Since then, she can “now generally understand speech better.” In the past, she used to mistake words because she couldn’t translate what was being said.

Donna encourages others to take the first step, adding that it’s a “good place to go.”

Donna rates her experience as 9/10.

– Donna Watsky

Dennis Smith, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“Do not put off having a hearing assessment. Audiology Associates can perform a painless hearing test and assess if a hearing device is needed.”

With hearing loss affecting his day-to-day life, Dennis first realized he had a problem at work.

He recalls, “I was in a meeting room, seated about 16 feet from the chief operating officer of the company and could not hear everything he was saying.”

By this point, he was desperate for help, as he knew he couldn’t sacrifice his career and got in touch with the team.

First impressions wise, he was most impressed with the “clean, professional facilities with friendly staff.”

He encourages others to book an appointment, adding, “Do not put off having a hearing assessment. Audiology Associates can perform a painless hearing test and assess if a hearing device is needed.”

Dennis rates his experience as 9/10.

– Dennis Smith

Betsy Byrne, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“Go. Just go. Everyone is so friendly.”

Betsy found conversations on the telephone difficult and often had to switch ears frequently. By this point, she started to get worried.

When it came to visiting Audiology Associates, she was extremely impressed, adding, “Everyone is so friendly.”

Since having her hearing aids fitted, she is “not embarrassed anymore” and doesn’t have to ask others to repeat themselves.

Betsy has one piece of advice for others in her position, “Go. Just go.” She rates her experience with Audiology Associates as 10/10.

– Betsy Byrne

Paul Semke, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“Go directly to Audiology Associates.”
Hearing loss often becomes more noticeable in social settings.

Paul’s hearing loss became evident while he was at a business lunch and he “realized that I couldn’t make out clearly what the gentleman across from me was saying.”

During his first appointment at Audiology Associates, he was “impressed with the friendliness of the office,” and he rates life with his new hearing aids as “all positive.”

Paul advises others, “Go directly to Audiology Associates – do not pass ‘Go,’ do not collect $200.”

– Paul Semke

Hal Headley, a hearing patient of Audiology Associates


“Very professional.”

Hal’s experience with Audiology Associates has been positive, as he was extremely impressed with the “professional” team.

Hearing aids have made his life “more comfortable,” as he can now hear others around him.

Hal encourages others to “Go!!”

– Hal Headley


“This a very reputable organization and you will be treated with respect.”
Many of our patients become aware of their hearing loss while in their work setting. Susan discovered hers in the classroom.

She recalls, “I was an elementary school counselor and during a lesson, I realized I was missing many words as the children spoke. I was so worried that I couldn’t be responsive to them. Then one day, I didn’t hear the fire alarm! That could have been tragic.”

Part of her job involved taking children to the audiologist and sitting with them during their evaluation, so Susan was already familiar with the testing process.

She eventually met Dr. Michaela at Union Memorial Hospital in the office of Dr. Alan Shikani. This was the beginning of a life-changing relationship.

Susan explains, “She was so pleasant and welcoming! I liked her right away and she explained procedures as they happened. She shared results so that I understood them.

“When it turned out that I needed hearing aids, she carefully showed me how they work. And when they came in, Dr. Michaela spent time making sure they worked properly.”

She is pleased with her hearing aids and hasn’t encountered any problems with them. She says, “I can hear words now and I turn the TV down to a proper level.

“During the pandemic, I still had trouble hearing people through the masks, but I had an adjustment made by Dr. Lowe, who is also wonderful.”

Based on her positive experience with Audiology Associates, Susan says, “Do not hesitate to have your hearing evaluated. This a very reputable organization and you will be treated with respect. You will not be told to get anything you don’t need at very high prices. You can trust Audiology Associates.”

– Susan Clarke


“Life is too short to miss out on the things you don’t have to miss.”
It is often the little things in life that make a big difference to your general well-being. And as Mary discovered, you don’t realize what you had until it’s gone – and then returns!

She realized she had a hearing loss several years ago. Mary recalls, “I was having to turn the television up and up, I was starting to have to ask people to repeat themselves, I wasn’t hearing the birds or the rustle of leaves in the wind anymore.”

Mary came to Audiology Associates and knew she had found the right place for help. She says, “I didn’t get that ‘on an assembly line’ feeling or experience, which was a blessing and quite a unique and refreshing experience from other doctors’ offices these days. I was treated as an individual.”

Her new hearing aids have reconnected Mary to many joys in life. “I can hear the rustle of the leaves in the wind! Sounds simple, but after years of missing it, it’s wonderful.”

However, she does acknowledge her hearing didn’t return to perfect overnight. Mary says, “I have to admit, at first, it was difficult for me to accept I needed to wear them every day. They felt ‘different,’ everything seemed ‘louder,’ but it was just me getting used to being able to hear all the things I had previously been missing.

“Now, I take them off right before bed and put them on as I get out of bed. Not having them on NOW seems odd.”

Mary encourages others to visit Audiology Associates and get tested. She concludes, “Go. Life is too short to miss out on the things you don’t have to miss.”

– Mary Durst


“Without them, I am in big trouble.”
Hearing loss often makes others sound like they are speaking unclearly – but they’re not. It can also mean missing out on group conversations or not catching the latest joke.

Judith recalls, “At work, I was at a training with a video, and my co-workers were laughing at some dialogue – and I realized I could not hear it!”

Additionally, she had moments where she thought others weren’t speaking clearly. She continues, “I realized that in other situations, when I thought someone was mumbling, they probably weren’t and I was being unfair to them.”

Based on the recommendation of a friend, Judith decided to book an appointment with Audiology Associates at their Ellicot City location, despite not knowing “what hearing aids were like then.”

Like many other patients before their appointment, she says she “didn’t know that they were basically invisible and were comfortable to wear.”

Judith says, “I got a good exam and saw how my hearing needed help.”

Overall, Judith is very satisfied with her new hearing aids. She says, “I still have some hearing loss with the hearing aids, but without them I am in big trouble.”

To those contemplating an appointment, she adds, “Go in and see what the exam and the sample hearing aids are like,” while stressing that she’s “happy with the service in the office (now Timonium).”

– Judith Jacobson


“My quality of life is greatly improved.”
We all have people we look up to and admire. So it’s easy to understand Albert’s frustration when he couldn’t hear his role model clearly.

He recalls, “There was this brilliant man, and I hung on his every word…when I could. He was a giant in his industry, and literally a Grey Beard. I could not read his lips! It was then that I realized how much and how often I depended on the ability to first see, then read lips.”

Faced with the prospect of needing hearing aids, Albert positively approached his situation. He says, “From my perspective, seeing an audiologist could only result in better hearing. There was no downside to seeing an audiologist.”

His positivity paid off and he now speaks very highly of Audiology Associates.

“By my second visit, it was as if Craig and I were old friends. Dr. Johnson was a warm, compassionate, and knowledgeable guy. From day one, I knew I would recommend Audiology Associates to friends and co-workers.”

Since getting hearing aids, Albert’s life has improved dramatically. He says, “My hearing aids have radically improved my hearing. I am a musician, and my new hearing aids allow me to hear frequencies that I have missed for years. My quality of life is greatly improved.”

Thrilled with his results, he encourages everyone to “get an appointment and get to see one of the wonderful doctors as soon as possible.”

– Albert Holt


“My wife is happy I hear her. At work, I don’t have to ask people to say again.”

As a drummer, Carson’s ears were subjected to damaging decibels on a regular basis. However, it wasn’t until he couldn’t hear his band mates that he realized he had an issue.

With clarity a main concern, he had trouble hearing conversations in busy areas and was always asking others to repeat themselves.

Naturally, he was a little wary before visiting Audiology Associates, as he was concerned that he would need “big, bulky hearing aids sticking out of my ears.”

First impressions wise, Carson thought it was a “relaxing, welcoming, and non-judgmental” space.

What stood out the most was how helpful they were. Carson explains, “They listened to me and gave me a very comprehensive test.

“Then they explained in detail that I could wait for hearing aids. Then I had another comprehensive test and decided that I needed them.”

After receiving his hearing aids, it made “a world of a difference” to Carson’s hearing, as he can “hear so much better.”

Carson’s life has changed in many ways since having his hearing aids fitted and he can now hear his wife. At work, he doesn’t have to ask others to repeat themselves or speak louder.

He rates his experience with Audiology Associates as 10/10.

– Carson Baxter


“Go for it! It will truly enhance your life.”

Like many others with a hearing loss, Brenda often found that she would mishear certain words or sentences, creating some frustrating encounters.

She also found that she needed the TV at a very high volume just to hear. What most concerned her was her inability to respond to an emergency situation, as her hearing loss held her back.

Even so, that she could not hear sirens while driving.

By this point, she realized she needed to do something quickly, and she knew that Audiology Associates was the right place.

First impressions wise, she thought that the team was very “knowledgeable and professional.”

Since having her hearing aids fitted, she couldn’t imagine life without them, as she “puts them in as soon as I get up in the morning.”

Now, she can’t do without them. She adds, “People seem surprised when they learn that I have them because they are so hard to see unless you know they are there.”

Based on Brenda’s 9/10 experience with Audiology Associates, she encourages others to “Go for it! It will truly enhance your life.”

– Brenda Ebeling


“I hear a lot better.”
Hearing loss was playing havoc with Debbie’s life.

She says, “The biggest concern was I knew I was missing parts of conversations that were important to my daily living with my husband, friends, colleagues, and work.

“When I was at work, people would whisper something in my ear and I would not hear it. I would miss things during meetings, especially if I was the one who was supposed to be the one who was supposed to be taking the minutes. I would have to keep playing the recording of the meeting back over and over again to get all of the conversation that I missed.”

Prior to her appointment at Audiology Associates, Debbie was concerned that she was “on the young side for getting a hearing aid” and she “was not sure what the outcome would be.”

But in the end, she says she really liked the doctor and Debbie adds, “I hear a lot better.”

She completely understands the hesitation some people have about making an ‘appointment but says, “Your health is the most important thing. You should take the time to put yourself first and take care of you.

“Go through the testing and see what the test results are. Then decide if a hearing aid is right for you.”

– Debbie Peragallo


“Go and try. You have nothing to lose.”

Besides the ringing in his ears, Jeffrey got to the point where he couldn’t understand anyone and was desperate for help.

While he wasn’t worried about taking the first step, any worries he had immediately went away as he thought the whole team was very “professional” and clearly understood audiology.

Having his hearing aids fitted has completely changed his personality, as he is now “a happier person.”

Jeffrey adds, “I can hear things that I couldn’t with a great improvement of eliminating ringing in my ears.”

He encourages others to “Go and try. You have nothing to lose.”

– Jeffret Jauschnegg


“Don’t delay. Make an appointment today.”
Day-to-day communication can become difficult when you have a hearing loss.

This became apparent to Cindy when she struggled to hear her friend clearly. She recalls, “I realized something was wrong when I could not catch every word my best friend was saying to me.”

While Cindy didn’t have any major concerns before visiting Audiology Associates, she remembers, “I just wanted answers as to why I was not hearing things like I used to.”

Upon attending her appointment, she liked the “small but quiet office” and says “the people were very nice.”

Although she is currently waiting to get her new hearing aids, she has no reservations in recommending Audiology Associates and hopes others will also seek the help they need with their hearing.

She concludes, “I would say not to wait. If you think you have a problem with your hearing, don’t delay. Make an appointment right away.”

– Cindy


“This practice is phenomenal.”
Keelia was diagnosed with a hearing loss when she was 5 years old and says she “can hardly remember times before getting my first pair of hearing aids.”

Nevertheless, with each new pair she’s had over the years, one concern has remained. She explains, “The concern is always making sure I get the most benefit from the technology.”

Keelia’s experience with Audiology Associates has been very positive. She says, “Everyone is exceptionally helpful and the care everyone has for the patients is very apparent.”

She only has positive things to say about her hearing aids as well. Keelia notes, “They’ve provided consistent support for my daily life for over 20 years. I can’t imagine not using them to help me hear.”

To those considering an appointment, Keelia says reassuringly, “This practice is phenomenal. All the doctors are very knowledgeable and make sure you understand all the options you have regarding your hearing. The hearing tests are low stress and the results are explained very well.”

– Keelia Decker


“It will change your life.”
John didn’t want to admit he had a hearing loss and he was “very apprehensive about getting hearing aids.”

Prior to his appointment at Audiology Associates, his biggest fear was that they “would not be able/willing to work with my existing hardware.”

Despite this, he went to his appointment and was impressed with how everyone was “on time, organized, and very professional.”

John also discovered how better hearing can impact many facets of his life. He says hearing aids have “made it easier at work – meetings in particular.”

Home life is also better. John says, “My family is much happier – TV not as loud and conversations don’t start with ‘What?’ each time someone says something!”

To anyone considering an appointment, John insists, “GO! It will change your life, and AA is not pushy – you will be able to make your own decision.”

– John Veldman


“They listen and understand what you are experiencing.”
Hearing loss is difficult. Jim knows this all too well.

He says, “Hearing loss is not fun. Most people don’t understand what you experience and get frustrated communicating with you for your lack of hearing them.”

Jim also knows firsthand how important a good audiologist is, and he praises Audiology Associates for their help.

He says they are “attentive to all concerns of the patient” and his new hearing aids have “helped immeasurably, especially with conversations with women. The frequencies they speak with are the ones men have most of their degradation.”

Jim highly recommends Audiology Associates, adding, “They listen and understand what you are experiencing. Good hearing aids are not cheap, but they will improve your quality of life.”

– Jim Rather


“They made me at ease and are super professional.”
It was during an annual physical at work when Sean’s employer told him he had a “significant hearing loss.” The news came as a bit of a shock and Sean was “fearful I would be retired or unable to work due to hearing loss.”

He felt nervous and uncertain when he called Audiology Associates to book an appointment, not knowing what the future would hold, but they made him “at ease and are super professional.”

Fortunately, Sean received some good news at his appointment – Audiology Associates “uncovered a misdiagnosis by my employer.”

Furthermore, they “provided OSHA approved testing and documentation showing I had adequate hearing. I am forever grateful.”

Sean highly recommends Audiology Associates and says, “Trust Audiology Associates, they know their stuff.”

– Sean G.


“Very neat, clean, and professional looking.”
Hearing loss can make conversations difficult and frustrating – for the person with a hearing loss as well as the person they are talking to.

Ira has experienced this firsthand and says, “I was unable to engage in conversations without asking for repeats from people.”

Ira didn’t have any major worries or concerns prior to the appointment at Audiology Associates, and found them to be “very neat, clean and professional looking.”

Life and conversations in particular are so much better with her new hearing aids. Ira says they “make my hearing ‘near normal’ so I can function without needing repetition.”

And for those debating about making an appointment with Audiology Associates?
“Do it!” says Ira, without any hesitation.

– Ira L. Diamond


“They know what they are doing.”
While hearing loss can happen as we age, for I. Simon, it was almost a certainty.

They said, “My mom’s side of the family lost their hearing as they approached their sixties. So I started in my 50s to track my hearing.”

Already aware of the consequences an untreated hearing loss could lead to, I. Simon was concerned about “missing what I can’t hear and losing my memories.”

“Kind, considerate, and patient” is how they described their first impressions of Audiology Associates.

And even better yet, the results were good. I. Simon says there’s “less tinnitus and I can hear all of the conversation.”

I. Simon has these words of wisdom to share: “Get tested. Start a baseline. They have been around for a long time. They know what they are doing.”

– I. Simon


“They will help you.”
Janie has struggled with her hearing since birth.

“I’m deaf in my left ear and partially in the right ear,” she says. And despite her lifelong challenges, the worry doesn’t end. Prior to her appointment at Audiology Associates, Janie was concerned “that my hearing has gotten worse.”

However, she found the support and hearing solution she needed, saying, “They are wonderful people, they really care about you.”

Janie’s new hearing aids have made “a big difference” to her life – particularly with phone conversations. She says that “the latest technology helps me on my phone because I used to get so stressed out before because I couldn’t hear on my phone.”

Happy with her results, she advises others, “Make an appointment as soon as you can because they will help you.”

– Janie Hershey


“They will help you find the right hearing aid and improve the quality of your life.”
Brian became aware of his hearing loss in high school and was often “teased about asking my friends to repeat things.” He adds, “I missed hearing things then and still do today.”

He didn’t have any specific concerns about his hearing before visiting Audiology Associates, but socially he was worried “that people would think something was wrong with me.”

Brian found the team to be “very professional and helpful” and he is happy with his end result. He says, “I miss less than I would. I wear mine every day and do not like it when the battery dies!”

He encourages others to take the first step and book an appointment. “They will help you find the right hearing aid and improve the quality of your life.”

– Brian


“All of the staff were friendly and welcoming.”
Tom noticed his hearing loss when he “was having difficulty hearing conversations with peers.”

He wasn’t the only one who noticed, though. Tom says, “My wife also commented about my inability to hear her conversations unless she raised her voice.”

Initially, he was concerned about his first visit to Audiology Associates and what to expect, but he says he “overcame that quickly” and recalls, “All of the staff were friendly and welcoming.”

Tom is currently waiting for his hearing aid fitting in a few days and says, “I am excited to get them.”

He encourages others to get their hearing tested and “know for sure.” He adds, “If there is a question, you need to be evaluated.”

– Tom Jeffers


“Life is so much better.”
Peter’s hearing loss was taking its toll on his work life. As a media specialist, he recalls, “I found that I couldn’t always hear the students.”

Following his first appointment, he was very pleased with Audiology Associates. Peter says, “They were friendly and responsive. They also explained everything.”

Peter learned that the advantages of better hearing don’t stop outside of work.

He explains, “Life is so much better. I’m also a record collector, so I can appreciate the sounds from my collection more than before.”

He says he would highly recommend Audiology Associates, adding, “There was no pressure, only honest answers.”

– Peter Shambarger


“Don’t hesitate to try Audiology Associates.”
Communication is important in all aspects of our lives – from work to play.

Steve decided to visit Audiology Associates when he noticed his “inability to effectively communicate.”

He found the team to be “very professional” and they were able to get Steve’s hearing back on track.

Steve’s new hearing aids restored his “ability to effectively communicate” and he can now enjoy listening to the TV and radio once again.

With a 10/10 rating, he says, “Don’t hesitate to try Audiology Associates.”

– Steve


“You need to know.”
Hearing loss can cause lots of anxiety. There’s so many unanswered questions: How bad is it? What caused it? Will it get worse?

Eugene found his hearing loss “frustrating.” He wondered, “How much more loss will happen?” and he was “worried I truly have a problem.”

Upon visiting Audiology Associates, he found everyone to be “helpful and informative.”

Although Eugene doesn’t have hearing aids yet, he now has a better understanding of his situation.

He highly recommends Audiology Associates and encourages others to find the answers to their questions. Eugene simply says, “You need to know.”

– Eugene


“Nice people and caring professionals.”
Anne has visited Audiology Associates quite often over the years with her mother, also named Anne, who is 94 years old.

She says her mother “couldn’t hear on the phone or in a crowded room” and this was very frustrating for her. Anne continues, “My mother gets very upset when she can’t hear. It’s very isolating.”

Anne is happy with her mother’s care at Audiology Associates and recalls that “they came highly recommended.”

She adds that the team has “nice and caring professionals” and rates Audiology Associates 10/10.

– Anne H. Kirby on behalf of Anne N. Kirby


“They assured me they could help.”
Deaf in his left ear since birth, Charles struggled with “not hearing conversations” and communicating with others.

However, he was unsure whether a hearing aid would help him.

At his first Audiology Associates appointment, “they assured me they could help.”

And help they did.

Charles finds “being able to communicate with others” easier since he got his new hearing aids and is overall pleased with his decision.

– Charles


“Make an appointment!”
It can be easy to put things off until later, especially if you don’t know what your options are – or if there are any at all.

Danna recalls, “My biggest concern was if there was any treatment available.”

She says the Audiology Associates team “seemed professional” at her first appointment, and she learned that treatment for her hearing loss was indeed possible.

Danna’s new hearing aids have “definitely improved” her hearing ability and overall, she is satisfied with her results, encouraging others to “Make an appointment!”

– Danna Henderson


“Go for an assessment.”
To Frances’s dismay, her family was regularly commenting on her hearing loss. She says they “repeatedly pointed out that they had to speak louder to make me hear them.”

She didn’t have any qualms about visiting Audiology Associates though, saying, “Actually, I thought that I was ok and didn’t foresee a big problem.”
Her first impression of her audiologist was “positive and remained so as long as she remained.”

While Frances is glad she got her hearing tested, she says the hearing aids unfortunately didn’t help her and she no longer uses them.

Still, she encourages others to address their hearing concerns, saying, “Go for an assessment, but be careful that the associates demonstrate a professional manner.”

– Danna Henderson


“Get there quickly.”
When coming to terms with her hearing loss, Gil was “sad that voices that I loved to hear would be diminished.”

She decided to entrust her hearing care to Audiology Associates, calling them a “great team” and “very professional and friendly.”

Gil says her hearing aids have “improved the joy of life.”

When asked what advice she would give to others in a similar position, she says, “Get there quickly.”

– Gil Shifflett


“Give them a try!”
Although it’s been a while since Donna first started wearing hearing aids, she recalls hoping her “hearing wasn’t just going to disappear” all those years ago.

She is pleased with the care she receives from Audiology Associates and says the team is “helpful” and they “aren’t rushing patients in and out.”

Donna notes that she has “worn them [hearing aids] for two decades” and that “as the technology has improved, so have the aids.”

She advises, “Give them a try!”

– Donna Goldman


“Hearing aids helped Sarah ‘in a good way.”
Sarah started to experience a hearing challenge when she was in elementary school.

Fast forward to today, and she is now a patient at Audiology Associates.

Prior to her first appointment, Sarah had two worries on her mind. She says she was worried about “cost and chance of losing the hearing aids.”

Nevertheless, Sarah’s audiologist worked with her to find an affordable and suitable pair of hearing aids that fit her lifestyle. Sarah is happy with the results and says her new devices help her “in a good way.”

She rates Audiology Associates 8/10.

– Sarah Ager


“Very thoughtful and compassionate.”

When Sandra developed tinnitus, she knew she had to do something about it. So, she made an appointment at Audiology Associates for help.

After a thorough chat with Sandra and a comprehensive hearing assessment, her audiologist was able to recommend devices to help Sandra manage her tinnitus. She recalls that everyone at the office was “very thoughtful and compassionate.”

Although Sandra hasn’t received her new devices yet, she doesn’t hesitate to recommend Audiology Associates, rating them 10/10. She says straight to the point, “Go see them.”

– Sandra Cornelius


“Get checked out.”
When Linwood “needed help with hearing” he turned to Audiology Associates.

Following a comprehensive hearing assessment, his audiologist was able to get to the root of his problem and recommend suitable treatment.

Linwood describes his experience with Audiology Associates as “great” and rates them 8/10. He encourages others who are struggling with their hearing to “get checked out.”

– Linwood Perkins


“Very helpful and friendly.”
Eryl first noticed a problem with her hearing “several years ago.”

Upon her first visit, she found the Audiology Associates team to be “very helpful and friendly.”

She says her new hearing aids have “made a difference” to her daily life and she encourages others to “go and have their hearing problem seen to.”

– Eryl Pettit


“Gave a good deal of time for questions, concerns, and explanation of testing.”

When Mary first realized she had a hearing loss, her first worry was if it was treatable or if her chances were skewed.

Luckily, she left her ears in the hands of the team at Audiology Associates, who “gave a good deal of time for questions, concerns, and explanation of testing.”

Mary didn’t need hearing aids, but still encourages others to visit the clinic, adding “Go!”

Mary rates her experience as 10/10.

– Mary


“They definitely helped me.”

Often feeling left out, Mary got to the point where she “couldn’t understand conversations with people with soft speaking voices.”

What initially concerned her was the cost of “hearing aids.” However, when she visited the clinic, she knew she was in the right place.

After meeting Dr. Anne only once, she thought that she was “very helpful and acted like she cared about me.”

Since then, she has had hearing aids for 5 years now, adding, “They definitely helped me.”

Mary encourages others to “Get your hearing checked – it is much better to wear hearing aids than not hear people you love.”

Based on Mary’s experience with Audiology Associates, she rates us as 9/10.

– Mary


“Give it a go! Be patient. The technology and the skills are there to assist you in improving your hearing.”

While her hearing loss could be disguised, Pat first came to terms with her hearing loss when she realized that she couldn’t hear the birds singing outside.

Truthfully, her hearing aids took some time to adjust to, but now she can’t go a day without them and feels “funny if they aren’t in my ears.”

Looking back, she couldn’t imagine life without her hearing aids and finds that she is much more relaxed in social settings.

She encourages others to visit the team at Audiology Associates, adding, “Give it a go! Be patient. The technology and the skills are there to assist you in improving your hearing.”

– Pat Winter


“Call and make an appointment. I’ll go with you if you want.”

While Robert understood he suffered with a hearing loss, he assumed that “nothing could be done to help me hear better.”

Out of curiosity, he booked an appointment to see what could be done and it took him by surprise.

Since then, he can hear better in almost any circumstance and is “so glad I sought help.”

What made the process so easy was how accommodating the team was, as the “audiologist asked pertinent questions, was warm and reassuring.”

Robert adds, “Call and make an appointment. I’ll go with you if you want.”

– Robert Gambil


“Check it, try it, and then believe it!”

Hearing loss is something Gajanan has had to deal with for a long time, so, inevitably, his memory of when it first began is hazy.

While Gajanan understands that the first step to better hearing isn’t always easy, he encourages others to “Check it, try it, and then believe it!”

He rates his experience with Audiology Associates as 10/10.

– Gajanan Sabnis


“Get tested now.”
Bob has had a hearing loss since 1995, so he’s seen lots of changes to hearing aids throughout the years. He appreciates the “advances in equipment and diagnostics” and notes how hearing aids have stopped him “from saying ‘What?’” all the time.

He recommends that others should “Get tested now.”

– Bob Kelter


“Go for a test.”
Pat’s hearing loss became apparent while watching TV.

According to Pat, the team at Audiology Associates is “welcoming, helpful, patient” and the new hearing aids “make me feel more confident when in a large group.”

To those debating an appointment, Pat encourages, “Go for a test.”

– Pat Shea