Giving You Peace of Mind With A
Comprehensive Repairs Department

We understand that accidents happen, whether you stepped on your hearing aid, forgot it on the dashboard of your car or its delicate technology simply stopped working, we’ve got you covered.

Our in-house repairs experts have the equipment and expertise to get your device back up to speed in no time.

In unique situations where we need replacement parts or full replacement of your device, we partner with all major hearing instrument manufacturers in order to deliver a solution as quickly as possible. A major benefit of being our patient is manufacturer warranty coverage, which not only includes fixing problems but provides an immediate replacement for your device if you should happen to misplace it.

Our training and experience covers a large range of different manufacturers and models, allowing you the peace of mind that the most advanced team of hearing instrument specialists in Maryland are backing you up with top-level troubleshooting support, maintenance and repairs for your prescription hearing aids.

Audiology Associates’ commitment to lifelong patient care through hearing aid repair service is just one more of the many reasons why patients choose to partner with our team of experts

Hearing aid repair service for almost all major manufacturer brands

The Repair Service

With over 20 years combined knowledge and expertise, our specialists have dealt with all types of hearing aids. From water damage to faulty batteries and cables, we have truly seen it all.

This makes us the most highly qualified specialists across the Maryland region to make you repairs on your device.

In the clinic, our experts conduct a range of conventional repairs which would be otherwise branded as “unrepairable” by elsewhere.

For more complex repairs which require extra assistance, we can send it to the manufacturer and communicate with our partners to ensure you achieve the best possible outcome.

Technician repairing a hearing aid

A Loaner during Repair

Going without your hearing aids for any period of time is uncomfortable.

Alongside providing expert repairs, our team can also provide you with a set of loaner hearing aids while your current devices are being repaired.

With an extensive range of instruments in our clinic, we can match you with a pair of hearing aids which sound and feel like your own, ensuring you are always connected to the world around you.

Schedule A Hearing Aid Repair

If you are ready to schedule your hearing aid repair, then the team at Audiology Associates is here to help!

Our team can offer guidance, answer any questions you may have, and arrange an appointment at a convenient time and day for you.

Simply complete the form on this page and a member of the team will be in touch.