Giving You Peace of Mind with a Comprehensive Repairs Department

Accidents happen.

Whether you forget to take your hearing aids out in the shower, accidently stand on one of them, or they have a technical issue that isn’t your fault, then you can be rest assured that our team can help.

With repair specialists in-house at all of our offices, many of the common problems and challenges can be fixed while you wait with our highly trained team of experts.

In unique situations where replacement parts are needed or your device needs full replacing, we then use our partners at all key manufacturers in order to help deliver a solution as quickly as possible.

The good news is that all of our patients are covered by a manufacturer warranty. This means that if you do experience any problems or even if you lose your device, they will be immediately replaced for you.

It’s just another reason why patients choose to partner with the experts that take care of their hearing health for life, rather than sell a Band-Aid to fix a problem and leave all the risk in your hands.

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