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Your Journey to Better Hearing Starts Today

Whether you are concerned about your hearing or a loved one’s hearing, coming to terms with a hearing loss or having the initial conversation with a loved one can be very difficult. Especially with the confusing and conflicting information around hearing loss and the solutions available.

At Audiology Associates, our team of 11 Doctors of audiology across 12 Maryland locations has been the trusted hearing experts that communities have turned to for the past 45 years.

Through raising awareness for hearing health through education and community work, our carefully assembled team of the state’s leading audiologists flies the flag for the importance of annual hearing tests. If you believe that you may have a hearing loss or you believe that your parents or grandparents may be suffering in silence, then the first step is to schedule a friendly comprehensive hearing assessment.

Why Maryland Choose Us:

Audiologist with a patient getting his hearing tested

Advanced Audiological Care

By partnering with Audiology Associates, you can be confident knowing that your hearing health is being cared for by the state’s leading team of doctors of audiology.

By having true experts caring for you, you’re not just handed a hearing aid to mask a problem, but instead, your hearing health is thoroughly cared for and treated with the aim being to achieve “better hearing”

Hearing expert inspecting a young boy's ear

Comprehensive Hearing Assessments

Although we all regularly have our teeth checked, our blood pressure tested and our eyes tested, rarely do we have our hearing tested. With a recent study suggesting that 1 in 8 Americans have a hearing loss, our increasing exposure to loud noises is leading to increased levels of hearing loss.

It has never been more important to have your hearing tested and with tests being quick, non-invasive and simple – they’re the perfect first step if you’re concerned about your hearing.

ReSound hearing aids

The Right Hearing Aids For You

If a hearing loss is discovered, in some cases a hearing aid may be the recommended solution – but do not worry, modern hearing aids are very different to the large clunky devices you may remember your grandparents wearing.

The latest hearing technology is small, powerful, and in most cases, practically invisible. In fact, you may have a friend, co-worker, or neighbor that wears prescription hearing aids that you’ve never even noticed.

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12 Convenient Locations

With 12 locations across Maryland – you’re never too far away from one of our full-time offices, each with a doctor of audiology.

This means that you can be confident knowing that you’re working with a growing team of experts that will be your hearing care experts for life, giving you full access to visit any of our 12 locations for your appointments.

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Request a Callback

It’s often the small things that hold us back from making a positive decision, whether it’s a question or a concern.

That’s why, at Audiology Associates, a hearing care expert is on hand to help. Simply complete this form and when a hearing expert is available, she will call you for a friendly, no-obligation conversation to answer your questions.

Our Experts Answer Your Questions

How Can I Help A Loved One With A Hearing Loss

How Can I Help A Loved One With A Hearing Loss

Hearing loss often comes on gradually, and it has been no different for your loved one. Little things such as turning the volume up on the TV too loudly or asking you to repeat yourself happen more and more frequently. It was when they started to become withdrawn and...

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