During Hearing Health Awareness Month, the team is encouraging as many people as possible to take their first comprehensive hearing assessment.

This is important, as a hearing loss can remain undetected for years, and only a professional doctor of audiology can diagnose its initial symptoms.

However, not many people know what happens during these routine appointments, which can make a life-changing difference to someone’s everyday experience.

This is what you can expect when you visit one of Audiology Associates’ offices for the first time.

A warm introduction

When you first come through our doors, you’ll be greeted warmly by one of our fantastic patient care coordinators.

They’ll help you fill out some basic paperwork in our waiting room.

Currently, the team is only letting one patient in at a time, so you won’t find yourself mixing with other people.

Once this is complete, you’ll be ready to meet your doctor of audiology.

What are your concerns?

Initially, they’ll want to find out more about you and your symptoms.

They’ll begin by inquiring into your medical history and whether you’re taking any prescriptions, as some medicines are known to affect your hearing.

Next, they’ll ask about your occupation and lifestyle – as specific environmental factors frequently contribute to a hearing decline.

It will be similarly important to discuss whether anyone in your family has a hearing loss, as often a condition can be passed down from generation to generation.

This detailed look at your case history will be one of the most important steps of the assessment, as it can often reveal the reasons why you are experiencing a problem.

The hearing tests

Following this, your doctor of audiology will take you through a comprehensive set of tests so that they can analyze your hearing capacity in full.

This will take place in the dedicated sound booth, where they’ll lead you through a step-by-step process.

These tests will reveal an intricate picture of how well different parts of your hearing system are functioning.

This will extend from your eardrum right down to your auditory nerves.

The diagnosis and feedback

Once completed, your doctor of audiology will break down the results and unpack the different treatment options that are available to you.

If you are a great candidate for hearing aids, they’ll walk you through the various types and explain their benefits.

Crucially, as experts, they’ll be helping you to make the best decision for your particular condition and desired level of investment.

Audiology Associates is fortunate to partner with a wide range of insurance companies.

Our team will do the necessary research to find out the maximum amount of financial coverage you can receive.

Are you concerned about hearing loss or know someone else who is? Contact Audiology Associates, and they’ll help you now!

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Dr. Melissa Segev & Dr. Briana Bruno Holtan

As the co-owners of Audiology Associates, Inc. Dr. Melissa Segev and Dr. Briana Bruno Holtan have over 35 years of combined experience caring for the hearing health of tens of thousands of people across Maryland. Trusted by local physicans and organizations, they are the experts that many turn to for audiological advice, guidance and support.